Wednesday • January 6th 2021 • 10:43:22 pm


Wednesday • January 6th 2021 • 10:43:22 pm

It may not be possible to grow up,

on paths that other people want us to walk.

With each step we take in life we must bloom,

there have to be audio books and adventures that call our name.

If we take a single step to the side,

we will no longer have access to the libraries that move us.

There won't be any mountains that will catch our eye,

everything will become odd.

Every step we take in life,

must be higher than the previous.

It is really sad that some of us get stuck with bad teachers,

or get attacked by bullies.

But you know what, that perfect school and perfect life,

is not really on your path.

I think a real school,

is something that we must all build on our own.

And a perfect life, is a life of rising and learning,

it is not something that we reach, it is something that we do.

Wherever you are in life,

your path is right next to you, and you know it.

And I know it its probably the hardest path,

but you know what, the older you will forever admire the moment you get on it.

Your elder self will sit in a rocking chair,

old as heck.

And think back to the moment you started rising,

and then never stopped, and never looked back.

And will smile, out of satisfaction of having lived a complete and authentic life,

the certainty of knowing, that there was just one path, your path.