Health First
Health First

Friday • December 24th 2021 • 9:00:58 pm

Health First

Friday • December 24th 2021 • 9:00:58 pm

Bicycling, Jogging, Backpacking, and Day Hiking at a nice location,
is a nice way to become and stay fit.

I recently came across an article that mentioned,
dancers practice for five hours per day.

It is hard to start a fitness journey,
by dancing for five hours.

But it is easy to explore for five hours,
with plenty of breaks at first.

An argument can be made that it is too expensive,
to just explore.

But it need not be,
exploration for exploration's sake.

All explorers, traditionally,
explored for money.

All it takes, is a set of interesting ideas,
that when combined together crate a small and stable income.

Taking pictures at all the state parks,
and creating an archive of park photographs, that call for a licensing fee.

Combined with an independent state park directory with maps,
that can be purchased as an app or Printed On Demand on paper.

Combined with expanding the archive to include all seasons,
so that hunters as well as hikers will find it useful.

Combined with setting up cell cameras that show game,
and/or take time lapse photographs to make a year round park preview.

And a website/video-channel,
that allows for advertising.

Can create a small stable business,
that involves a lot of travel and nature walks.

To start all one would need is videos,
of visiting and exploring the sites.

People searching for Nordhouse Dunes, or Ludington State Park,
would find the videos, ads, related products, etc.

It is a lifestyle change,
be it gym or adventure - it is a lifestyle change.

And while in most cases, these are small amounts of money,
a healthy lifestyle is priceless, and it avoids hospital bills as well.

Working a stressful and unhealthy job, that pays well,
may not pay as well as it seems.

We have to consider well being, mental health, impact on out longevity,
and subtract those values from the weekly paycheck.

I suspect there are jobs out there,
that put a person well in the minus, and are a terrible idea.

Adventure Fitness not just body health,
but mind health as well.

It is about Great Happiness,
and Strong Muscle.

Let us not be so quick to choose a stressful career,
as in the long it may cost us in health.

Daily stress and a sedentary lifestyle,
across several decades is sure to have negative impact on body and mind.

Fitness shouldn't be something that only some people do,
as it is part of our health.

Fitness should be part of our work,
and home life.

It may not be a question of falling ill today,
but it certainly is a question of preventing illness later on.

Let us not be so easily impressed by stressful careers,
in industries that would fail, had they considered our well being.

Finally, it is one of the Great Mysteries of Adventure,
that it pays not just in health, but in wisdom too.

A healthy lifestyle will ignite creativity and call to great ideas, and books, art and music,
it is a cheerful lifestyle full of great little destinations and fine memories.