Accepting Responsibility For Your Own Fitness
Accepting Responsibility For Your Own Fitness

Tuesday • September 19th 2023 • 10:40:17 pm

Accepting Responsibility For Your Own Fitness

Tuesday • September 19th 2023 • 10:40:17 pm

By not working out your body enters an unhealthy state, and in its kindness will not alert you to that...

Unless you try to pick something heavy up, or maybe fall from a couple of stairs, or have an urgent reason to run some short distance.

Then you will see it, how bad it is, how ill you are, how your body worked hard to protect you from feeling all the damage your lifestyle caused.

It is not all your fault, the world will threaten you into early death by means of overwork, with isolation, hunger, and homelessness, and ridicule.

It is like this - because schools are not working, and a system without effective foundation is just an easy to manipulate fantasy.

Someday when schools are correctly repaired, threatening human beings into servitude will come to an instant end.

Then we will return here, to wellness, fitness, and extending our longevity, with simple exercise.

Until then... you will be threatened away from being fit, because that only gets in everybody's way, as it only helps you, just you.

Just like you must accept the responsibility for your own self education, you must also accept the responsibility for taking care off your health.

You will have to inconvenience your boss, and become a thorn in their latest profit maximization scheme.

You will have to put your health first, and understand that those who don't like that, are just killing you to make a buck.

Let me show you what that looks like in real life, how smoothly that operates, and how swift the ending.

Back when I was jut beginning to become more athletic, I got stopped by a round man, with an excellent sense of humor.

In his wisdom he was bicycling to work, and I was headed for a 20 mile long bicycling adventure.

He stopped me and gesturing asked "How do you do it?", he meant "How are you transforming your body back?".

Because just bicycling to work, was not enough for him to notice any change.

And knowing that this is a matter of life and death, I flat out told him "You have to quit your job."

He though about his family, and said smiling, "I cannot do that".

I meant many things with my answer, start a business, learn programming or art, become a trainer.

But he scanned all that, and knew it would take too long, to build all that out, to be reliable.

Before he drove away, the matter of sequence flickered in his mind, but choosing to live life first, is the correct choice.

He did not do things out of sequence, he didn't cut him self from anything.

The words "I cannot do that", hung in the air for a goodie long while, he was already long gone.

Though as you can imagine, by the time he arrived at work, he knew that he needs his doctors help, his family's support.

That the bike needs to be replaced with walking, rain or snow, and that his life is going to be difficult.

More difficult than if he just gave up, and accepted his early death from obesity related complications.

Everyone of those donuts will have to be ripped out of the body, with hard days, and numbing pain.

I think he already noticed, that there are no obese elderly, I think that was part of what put him in that bicycle seat.

You will be glad to know, that our bodies are amazing when it comes to healing.

More that that, they excel at gradually building up endurance.

Endurance is one of our major superpowers, like navigation, language, creativity, or highly abstract thinking.

Our pain threshold is magnificently adjustable, you are likely going to overestimate your pain.

For example you may put on woolen socks to keep your feet ready to jog, but long before you notice, that jogging pain will not be there anymore.

You will find yourself wearing all kind of belt and protectors, socks and hats, for aches that have long passed.

Though your body will never adapt as fast as you want it to, know, that it will fight for you as fast as it can.

But you too have to fight for it, and make your health first and foremost, pushing away all that is frightening you into overwork or overeating.

So as long as you protect it, it will keep healing, developing, gaining endurance, and catching up to where you want it to be, without letting you down.