No Cookie Cutter Lives
No Cookie Cutter Lives

Sunday • August 22nd 2021 • 6:21:57 pm

No Cookie Cutter Lives

Sunday • August 22nd 2021 • 6:21:57 pm

Box of alarms, box of grades, box of career, box of look at me, box of retirement, and then some.

You are sent into the box of school, high school, college, university,
job, career, and Friday night at the bar, to keep you from having a nervous breakdown.

Your work friends,
will be asking you to get into the box of thinking outside of the box.

And your work will ask you,
to be part of the work family box, and then promptly spend years hammering your mental health until retirement.

Your alarm, is torture, you maybe able to handle it,
but our minds are far to delicate to be ripped out of sleep.

Sleep that we aren't getting enough of from stress,
loneliness, liars, and nested boxes to a sure end.

You are not a slave, you will not be awaken by a machine,
you must balance your days, go to sleep at sunset.

You have to make this work,
you have to connect with nature and sunshine.

We are too delicate,
this type of pressure can only end in depression, and medication.

And probably medication,
that isn't a cure, but to make the alarm lifestyle work, at the cost of taking years of our life.

Grades are fake, they are for teachers to see if they are working,
and the teachers have all the incentive in the world to fudge the numbers - it is how they put food on their table.

They are copying grades from your other classes,
and they are well aware that the curriculum id a dog an pony show, meant for memorization only.

They have no choice but to make a fool out of you,
they need to get paid, paid, paid paid, paid, paid.

And you know what, though they sold out the word,
they had no choice - the men who sold the world are not the bad guys.Cat

You were a genus all along,
learn from this, learn to question the things you are part of.

And if you really wan to know what tricked you,
you didn't read books, biographies, stories about real lives.

You are meant to become a great being,
but you didn't create a balanced view of the world.

You instead accepted the first things you were told,
and most of those are meant to make other peoples lives easier.

To grow up is not to follow what others told you or expect of you,
it is to become a great being and help humanity not by war, punishment and surveillance, but by means of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Your Greatness.

Career is nonsense, this one is a stick and carrot dog an pony show,
and you already tucked away all the proof you need for this.

You will never out compete liar,
when the two of you were volunteering in high schools or colleges...

The liar was coached to arrange worthless newspaper interviews,
that they will keep for life in their bullshit portfolio, and a whole lot of them will step on you on their way to kiss ass.

Not only will you be out competed,
bu they will force you into their mediocrity, under the threat of losing your dream job.

How are you going to win against entire companies of cunning liars,
let me answer that for you - the only way to win is to avoid them entirely.

Let them have their carrots,
you build your own company, and you start in middle school.

The way to out compete them, is to out think them, by becoming truly knowledgeable,
instead of being frustrated at them getting straight A's for kissing teachers ass, and the teacher holding them up as a model student.

And let me tell you something, holding them up as a model student to get you to be more like them,
they want you to be like the ass kissers to make their own days easier - at the cost of your future, at the cost of your mind - your natural genius.

Get a 3D printer, slowly learn Blender,
create models out of thin air, out of just connecting vertices in 3D space - and let that be your first taste of authentic tangible achievement, that you can touch and hold.

From your imagination into your hands,
choose an authentic path of true achievement, it is matter of mental and physical health.

Stay away from liars,
because once you become part of an institution made out of liars, they will take everything from you, just like they took from Elsie.

Your mind is a beautiful thing,
it is a delicate thing.

It needs joy and happiness,
authentic achievement and real triumph.

And it needs to see,
we need to see where we are going with full certainty of knowing that it will be worth it, once we are there.

The promises that all the other kids or even parents are repeating are not good enough,
because graduating from a fake college or an artificial university, will not only derail us but also hurt our mind.

Is it really that hard to believe,
that being filled with real joy and real happiness, real knowledge and real achievement, is the right path.

You don't need boxes to guide you,
go to your library, take to books, find narrated books about real lives, real achievement; and let real teachers be your guide.

You must grow all the way up,
you are meant to become a Great Being.