Jogger Wisdom
Jogger Wisdom

Tuesday • November 7th 2023 • 10:09:29 pm

Jogger Wisdom

Tuesday • November 7th 2023 • 10:09:29 pm

I remember slowly jogging late at night, double inhaling, and still gasping for air.

Just to be passed by two old people, not only jogging five times faster than me.

But also having a stupid conversation, where neither of them was out of breath.

“The heck”, I thought to myself.

I kind of knew, how they did it.

They just kept practicing, until they got good.

But there is more to it, and that more, makes all the difference.

In the beginning, they only ran part way, walking some part of their trail.

And then carefully increasing, the duration of their jog.

While decreasing, the duration of their walk.

They either used landmarks, or a stop watch.

And once they eliminated, all the walking…

They started picking up speed, making sure their jog takes them less and less.

I think this is where the heart monitor comes in, the black strap across their chest.

They are slowly increasing their speed, by keeping their heart rate above a certain threshold.

As in; faster the heart-rate, faster the jog.

But I personally use music play-lists, at first slow songs, then medium, and then fast.

And I would jog to their beat, as much as I could.

When I needed more songs, I used a computer program to change song tempo.

The free and open source program Audacity, can speed up tempo of songs without distortion.

What those two joggers, lost in their conversation didn’t notice.

Was that I was going to immediately, reverse engineer the heck out of jogging.

And then hack it, to re-purpose it for body building.

Many years before, I saw another jogger.

He was jogging, shirtless, with dumbbells in his hands.

To this day, after some 20 years, I still haven't noticed anyone as mighty.

He was jogging long distances, with light dumbbells.

They dumbbells gave him lean muscle, and I just figured.

If he gradually increased their weight, he would begin increasing the size of all his muscles.


In my research, I had the great luck, to come across the Couch To 5K Jogging Program.

Which was too hard for me, though I was very out of shape.

And my audio version had errors, they mixed up some of the days.

But it confirmed my observations, which I called “Gradually Increasing Endurance”

Finally, I simply called jogging to the beat of music, a kind of dancing.

Due to my weight, jogging on concrete seemed too hard on my knees.

And faced the music, searching to learn dance moves.

Dancing with dumbbells at a gym where it never rains.

Proved to be more stable, and continued on increasing my jogging endurance.

When dancing at the gym, you increase the tempo of your music.

And extend your workout duration, you probably won’t need to go beyond three hours.

And you won’t need to work out for three hours, for more than a year, it quickly burn fat.

Hanging on to those dumbbells, is the difference between being skinny and muscular.

Holding few pounds of iron in your hands, will affect your entire musculature.

That added weight, will grow your muscles, so that your body can handle it.