Rise, You Are Super Smart, And Life Is An Art
Rise, You Are Super Smart, And Life Is An Art

Sunday • January 14th 2024 • 11:49:40 pm

Rise, You Are Super Smart, And Life Is An Art

Sunday • January 14th 2024 • 11:49:40 pm

Teachers will show you that you are not smart, for you to independently invent memorization.

So that there is no one to blame for fake education, but you, your self, all by your lonesome.

You know how people are quick to judge a philosopher, by something thy once said.

But in all actually, they might have said that, while still poisoned by indoctrination.

And to dismiss the great triumphs and thoughts, that followed, is by far the dumbest thing?

People who stand up for fake education, are still under indoctrination.

They are yet to have their moments of wisdom, they are yet to grow up.

Darkly: They are wrong, yet to become right.

And it just so happens the day they become wiser, they also become aware of the teacher theatrics.

Teachers don’t want you to learn, because you will ruin their whole show.

Imagine what it would be like, to learn programming on your own.

When you were ten or so, and then walk into math class.

Or biology, or chemistry, or music, and notice that nothing here adds up.

Nothing here give you new abilities, nothing here expands your tooling.

It is all just memorization under the threat of, being held back or ridiculed.

With some teachers becoming so crazed, that they will begin to wax philosophically.

About whether the students reciting facts, about the powerhouse of the cell, or common denominators.

Are truly educated, they are in such denial, that they are doubling back in on themselves.

To clarify, memorization, is not education, it is pure performance, as in theater or circus.

The more mangled version is that, teachers don’t have a duty to teach you.

Just like cops, are not required to help you.

But they will fantasize the crap out of what they do, because otherwise they would recognize themselves at the ring leaders.

Do not look to government conspiracies, or secret societies.

Your kind, and gentle teachers, sold the world.

The few that hope to teach, that stand their ground, are looked down upon, and called eccentric.

Even by their own students, a horrific example of what un-education does.

It is a simple mistake to make for teachers, just fake it, until you make it – it will put food on your table.

But the men who sold the world, are just the tip of the iceberg.

At the very bottom, are those indoctrinated to believe.

It is them against you, therefore mandatory draft is good for winning.

With real education, there would be no poverty, no weapons manufacturing.

That old turd, of, “economy would collapse” is correct.

A random, artificial black magic economy would collapse, that is exactly what you expect from ineffective schools and politics.

An economy must be crafted, to help the world grow.

Not ridden like a surf wave, until everyone needs a bailout again.

All the threats, are just that, the bare bone, half assed, bottom of the barrel, most immediate money grab.

There is nothing here to hold up to the future, there isn’t even anything here to hold up to the next decade.

And that is the bottom of the iceberg, antidepressant animated ghouls using war to reboot their economies.

Rather than to sink down into the cold water, rise.

Rise above ineffective education, self educate.

Rise above wage slavery, you are not a tool, you are not a fool.

Begin with narrated books, held in high esteem by all the world intellectuals.

Swiftly followed by books about the lives of philosophers, under all their various names, scientists, leaders, atheists, artists, iconoclasts…

Shit kicking country and western dancin’ troublemakers and bull fighters, and seasoned rodeo clowns that don’t smile.

And hit the one subject that will help you see the charade, and as soon as you can, right now…

Learn programming, chapter at a time, JavaScript, then C++, and then ANSI C.

Open your eyes, to what it looks like, to learn for real.

Frequently take to adventure, safely section hiking all the longest hiking trails in the world.

And most importantly, understand that you can only find your meaning.

By growing up, all the way up, until you become a great being with a legacy to match.

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