Rising With Books
Rising With Books

Monday • January 9th 2023 • 11:38:13 pm

Rising With Books

Monday • January 9th 2023 • 11:38:13 pm

Even though we are predisposed for indoctrination, we are equipped well enough to become aware of in-authenticity.

In your mind you will notice that cramming is not an education, or that grades don’t matter.

You may even notice, that when school gets more complex, you start getting the same grades, even in the subjects you are good at.

Teachers from different subjects will be copying each other’s grades, to make them seem more realistic.

You get an education, a diploma, debt, a job that tells you you should forget everything you’ve learned in college.

But, you are moving along?

You wouldn't be making any money without that, no food on the table without your job and education…

How can that be… wrong? this is life, this is how it all works, and then you die, right?

Well, above all, no one can pull you out, because what makes inauthentic things stick is comfort.

To break out of whatever it is that you have begun detecting, will be your first great challenge in life.

You may end up becoming a cast away, a black sheep, people may even make you feel that they regret you exist.

What you are detecting, is a gentle and constant pressure, to make you more convenient to everyone around you.

And if you give into that simple pleasure, you lose your mind.

There is a very gentle and beautiful thread, that helps us grow, that keeps our minds blooming.

To become convenient to everyone around you, is to move in so many directions at one, as to lose your thread.

When my bullies started getting creative, basically copies of their inconvenienced fathers.

I cheerful moved to the opposite side of the street, and took the bus the other way.

I became perfectly alone, but, also perfectly unhurt.

But you can’t give in, to become more convenient.

Just a couple of days ago, I saw a young lady, who smelled really bad of drugs.

The smell was so disgusting, that when some mom and her daughter walked by me, they thought, it was me.

This young lady, gave up her thread, and started medicating away her new problems.

Because becoming more convenient for others, never stops, they will keep asking for, more, more, more, until psychiatric help is needed.

It seems like you have a choice, and not become an inconvenient black sheep.

But that is false, that is just a trick your mind is playing on you.

In order to stay healthy in your mind, you have to understand that rising is not the more challenging way, it is the only way.

If you choose to just be convenient to everyone else, you will stop growing up, and stay 19 or so, while your body ages.

You have to stop stop feeling comfort, when following other peoples orders – that is not comfort, that is your unraveling.

And then no one can tell yo where to go next, because the knowledge you need is as unique as you.

That means you need to LISTEN, not just read, to about a hundred books to get started.

You won’t be able to grasp them in any coherent way at first, what you will be doing is strip-mining them.

You are just gong to hoover up the ideas that are compatible with you, right from the surface.

Sometimes you only get one wisdom or idea out of a book, but then few more, when you re-listen, to it few months later…

After you read other books, and begin learning more and more.

Basically, what it will fell like, is the more you know the faster you learn.

Or the more you you pick up from books you re-listen to, you will stop strip-mining and get deeper into the books.

Eventually you become book-friends with the authors, and then you will inherit not just their wisdom…

But also traces of their culture, their greatness, they become your extended family.

And here, once you assemble the knowledge, that fits who you are.

You will gain new sight, and begin comprehending all that surrounds you in more accurate ways.

With the aid of books, you will begin growing past the age of 19, that troublemakers tend to get stuck at.

And eventually grow all the way up, until you become a great being.

Books are not a choice, that’s your inheritance.