Do Not Follow, Rise, Do Not Follow
Do Not Follow, Rise, Do Not Follow

Sunday • January 15th 2023 • 1:05:42 pm

Do Not Follow, Rise, Do Not Follow

Sunday • January 15th 2023 • 1:05:42 pm

There is still time, and future is still yours, but only you can open those doors.

Today Humanity is locked, all our paths and progress are blocked.

And, it will take a lot, to untie this powerful knot,

On one end the curse un-education, on the other the tragedy homelessness and starvation.

We can wipe ourselves out with a single stroke, and quickly end as cosmic joke.

Do not follow, wake up to all the mess, by rising, no one has ever become less.

Just look at all the terrible ideas you are facing, each, and every one of them needs replacing.

We are one people, one, one human family around the sun.

Fathers teach boys that to become a man, they have to lie, cheat, and plan.

And find someone emotionally hurt enough, to fall for their bluff.

Colleges try hide rape statistics every year, hoping, that somehow, the data will disappear.

Teachers pretend to teach for a paycheck, turning every student into an emotional wreck.

Lectures so fake, that they never give, and can only take.

And we can’t end poverty because of inflation, that colored paper is more important than the people of a nation.

If your framework is so fickle that it ends when people eat, then you need to shut the duck up and take the back seat.

And just in case it is still unclear, the war your generation is facing, goes nuclear.

The dictators can’t even afford rent, they don’t see nuclear weapons as a deterrent.

The vile that can send a million lives to their end, neither bluff nor pretend.

Maybe to them each 100 thousand lives is a tick or tock, it is not defeat, but a countdown clock.

In their madness they just want to say: "Did you see what they made me do? How can it be that what I said was not true?"

Sending young people into the meat grinder, is a reminder.

That as the whatever general pretends, where humanity is going, war never ends.

That is why it all stops now and with you, a new future where the bombers never flew.

Do not follow, or your future will turn hollow.

You must rise that is the only key, rise, rise, Rise! Do yo hear me?

Borrow a hundred beautifully narrated books - that will be your first step to rise above all the crooks.

And then, listen, listen to nine-thousand nine-hundred more, and when all others follow, you will prevent the war.