Programming For The Future
Programming For The Future

Thursday • May 30th 2024 • 12:29:17 am

Programming For The Future

Thursday • May 30th 2024 • 12:29:17 am

It is just too hard to guess the distant future, colleges, universities, jobs, have too many moving parts.

If you grab on to something functional in Middle School or High School, and then get really good at it, things won’t be so uncertain.

Painting with the help of a projector, or composing music by ear with a digital audio workstation is pretty big.

With image generating AI you can install at home, and even train with custom photos, you really have no limits.

You set up the image, project it on canvas, and start painting – this is amazing.

Just paint from AI for 10 years, and you ill become one of the greats who can freehand instant masterpieces.

Music composition, with AI, which just became a thing a few weeks ago, may even be more fantastic.

You ask for a song, you may give it an example song, and you’ll get something in the style.

And then you can beak it up in layers, bass, drums, melody otherm and you take what you like, and put in LMMS.

The AI will give you the nose, the atmosphere, some instruments even, and then you just add your own melody, drums, and drops.

It works really well, and the songs are as unique as generated art, and again, here you can learn for ages until you develop your own universe.

But you know, it is programming, that I think takes the cake, for one you can automate the process of generating art and music.

And if you don’t, you will always have this feeling, that you can skip all the steps, if you could just write some code.

High School, is a pretty good place to learn programming, and the sooner you start the more powerful you will become.

Where normally people are concerned about what college to go to, you will be thinking what company or side-gig to start.

Not to mention that you will look very powerful, to all the people who are about to give up savings, and are ages away from dreams.

Now, as with everything else, AI, makes learning programming a lot easier, because you can add ad-hoc questions.

You may know that programming has variables, if/then statements, but you will discover it many different loops, to go over lists of data.

While loop, for loop, for in loop, for of loop, before this would be confusing, but now you can just ask:

“What is the best loop to use with an array of fruits?”, an array is just a list of variables.

And the AI will tell you it is the for of loop, I just tried this, and it will tell you why, as a bonus, that you don’t need to worry about indexes.

When I was learning GUI programming, I would type in something that confused me, followed by the word tutorial.

But with AI, you just get royal treatment, So let us ask, what indexes are:

“And what are indexes, I am just learning programming on my own to take care of my own future, as not to rely on anybody else.”

And the AI said: “That's a great attitude! Indexes in programming are essentially positions within an ordered collection of items, like an array. In JavaScript, arrays are zero-indexed, which means the first element of an array is at index 0, the second element is at index 1, and so on.”

“When using a loop like for loop to iterate over an array, you often use indexes to access each element in the array one by one. However, as mentioned earlier, the for...of loop in JavaScript allows you to loop directly over the elements themselves, which can make your code cleaner and easier to understand."

So learning programming is just a summer project now, and again, with AI, your code now becomes more powerful.

You can ask about algorithms, and I just asked about the triplestore, which was always on my todo.

And the the AI helped me understand, the whole thing.

A truple store stores three things at the same time, the middle thing is a human understandable relationship.

You store subject (apple) predicate (color) and object (yellow), and you build up these truiples.

Until you can ask, what is the type of banana, it will say fruit, and you can ask what is type of cat, it will say animal,

And then you can join queries, and ask for a list of yellow things, or just yellow animals or fruits, or living things, or things that are not alive.

Here you could get AI to start filling in the triplestore, and now you could have a game where the character on its own would say.

That the texture of the wall feels rough, but the texture of the cat is fluffy.

Or that a bridge is needed to walk across river, and that to get across river swimming works too.

Your winter project, could be writing a triple store chatbot, with the AI that we have today doing the work and cleaning up the dialogues.

Ask the AI about simple State Machines, Multiuser Dungeons for simulating worlds and objects, or the Rete algorithms for rule processing.

This is both world and life changing, and the AI, explains everything by translating it to simple JavaScript.

So you are learning java script, getting used to the syntax, and asking the AI about really fine grained details about the algorithm before you.

This was very difficult couple of years ago, but now, it is just a fun afternoon.

And if you need more you just ask about other algorithms, that exhibit intelligence.

You’ll get job offers, but, with this kind of power, you’ll be building your own AI startup.

And that’s quite an upgrade from contemplating uncertainties of career or college.

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