Artificial Intelligence Works; Or, On My Way To A Silly Poem
Artificial Intelligence Works; Or, On My Way To A Silly Poem

Saturday • February 10th 2024 • 10:38:01 pm

Artificial Intelligence Works; Or, On My Way To A Silly Poem

Saturday • February 10th 2024 • 10:38:01 pm

Before we begin, I want you to know that AI has been released to public, and that anybody with a fast computer, including pro laptop can run it.

Parents, now is the time, not to think twice, get your kids a gaming rig, and explain that a computer is not a toy.

You are going to ask the kids to learn programming, and how to use LLAMA and Stable Diffusion AI.

Games are great for learning about art and 3D worlds, but they are not meant to treat depression, or be a lifestyle, or escape.

As a parent, you have to help your children begin growing all the way up, so that later in their life they can become great beings.

Help them to the Appalachian Trail, help them to see the beautiful beasts of Western States 100.

Grant them access to all the wise books in the world, especially the adventure ones.

Get them a gaming rig, inspire them, and never threaten that you will take it away.

The computer is their path out of poverty, it is their way to become a digital artist, designer, programmer, and business person.

Now, it has become very popular to think of the AI that we have today as weak and incomplete, but this problem is with our expectations - the AI is here, we just need to grow up a little.

A very similar problem exists in the real of Nuclear Power, the same child that talks smack about AI would demand that nuclear plants simply split atoms.

In a word atomic power, must be atomic.

But the truth is, nuclear power, just uses radioactive materials to heat up water, it is a steam machine, they just replaced fire, with radioactive rods.

For now, the AI we have is imperfect, but it works, if you use the right thing, the right way.

An example of that would be a Doctor AI, so as long as it is trained on quality materials and prevented from hallucinating.

It is already smarter than your doctor, and things get only better from here.

As a side note, for parents, this whole doctor an lawyer thing, was always very iffy, because potential for computerization was ever growing.

The only solid career that has ever existed, is programmer.

Take time to understand the future, before you make career recommendations.

Now let me show you a glimpse of the power of artificial intelligence, how it already reaches beyond our abilities, relative to time.

I wanted to write a small foolish poem today based on the cautionary rhyme, about the coral snake "Red on yella, kill a fella. Red on black, a friend of Jack"

I was hoping to write maybe ten dumb and funny stanzas, that neither say what animal it is, nor are any true.

I was curious what the AI would produce so I prompted it with:

"You are a poet. You get paid a lot of money. You poetry has been featured everywhere, newspapers, TV shows, and books.", followed by, "List 10 rhymes similar to 'Red on yella, kill a fella. Red on black, a friend of Jack'. These rhymes should be about animals, they should rhyme. First identify some property, and then state something about it. Don't use the names. Make the rhymes funny."

The AI created 10 rhymes, with a short summary.

Giving it the popular example rhyme about coral snakes, improved response by quite a bit.

Here it is:

  1. Stripes on green, rarely seen. Stripes on white, gives a fright. (A poem about an elusive green-striped animal and a more common, intimidating white-striped creature.)

  2. Beard on goats, they float in moats. Beard on sheep, they hardly leap. (A humorous take on the swimming abilities of goats versus the less agile sheep.)

  3. Horns in a loop, belongs to the troop. Horns straight and tall, heed its call. (Describing animals with looped horns being social, versus those with straight horns commanding attention.)

  4. Tail with a ring, climbs and will cling. Tail flat and wide, in the water it glides. (Differentiating between a tree-dwelling animal with a ringed tail and an aquatic creature with a broad tail.)

  5. Fur of brown, digs in the ground. Fur of pink, better not blink. (Contrasting a common brown-furred digging animal with a rare, eye-catching pink-furred one.)

  6. Feet with webs, lays eggs in ebbs. Feet with claws, abide by laws. (Comparing web-footed, water-loving animals to law-abiding creatures with clawed feet.)

  7. Ears that flop, munch carrots non-stop. Ears that stand, over lands they command. (Drawing a funny contrast between the laid-back, carrot-loving animals with floppy ears and the more alert, authoritative creatures with upright ears.)

  8. Eyes that glow, in the night they sow. Eyes that squint, in the light they glint. (Comparing nocturnal animals with glowing eyes to those with squinting eyes that reflect in daylight.)

  9. Snout that's long, sniffs out what's wrong. Snout that's flat, can't smell this or that. (Highlighting animals with keen senses due to their long snouts versus those with less olfactory capability.)

  10. Scales that shimmer, make the water glimmer. Scales that dull, blend in and cull. (Describing how shiny-scaled animals stand out in water, contrary to dull-scaled creatures that camouflage.)

Ladies and germs, this is a very powerful response, to a pretty silly question.

I am not going to summarize for you what this means, I'll let you think about the power of AI.

But I just want to stress one more time, get your kids an AI rig.

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