The New Art World Order
The New Art World Order

Saturday • January 14th 2023 • 9:57:41 pm

The New Art World Order

Saturday • January 14th 2023 • 9:57:41 pm

By statistically capturing all internet images at a price of about 10 million dollars, computer programs became able to synthesize any kind of content.

You can feed it text, noise, news articles, incomprehensible poetry like you are reading right now.

And also old blurry photographs, and more shockingly, incomplete, unfinished, high school doodles.

That’s right, the Generative Intelligence, can turn all your high-school watercolor bonanza into freaking masterpieces.

If you take it one more step, you can, stop attempting to paint hair.

Because no matter how hard you try, the Generative Intelligence can do it ten times better.

The world or art has changed, overnight, some artists put up a NO AI sign on their website, and simply quit.

Museums, galleries, will no longer accept beautiful works, without proper artistic credentials.

Lest they look like bafoons, for holding up something that took a computer 18 seconds as a masterpiece.

Anybody can now sit down and release, a beautiful art book that can captivate nearly as much as hard earned art.

A proper masterpiece requires, at minimum a hundred hours of work, but it takes the computer less than minute.

Where the artist would have to highlight all the clumps of hair, the AI does it automatically.

Hardware manufacturers that kept the prices high, and performance low, are now stocked with computers that take to long to do art.

Today, a compute that can’t generate beautiful art in a short amount of time, is useless.

What level of madness would a child have to suffer, not to own a computer that can turn grandma into cute chibi Anime.

And who woudn’t want a desltop that can turn family photos, into detailed higs resolution art?

This here is the new world order, you don’t have to paint hair or fur, or eyes; just indicate where it goes.

There are two types of professional artists, those who work hard, and those who deliver hard.

Hard work will forever be recognized by a wise museum, but easily delivering countless artworks, every day, can prevent an artist from starving.

But this new Art World order, is not about the hard working, or fast working artist.

This is about the High School student, who can now create outstanding works, and practice proper art while at it.

One of the things artist used to do, is keep everyone out by tricking them into thinking that hand eye coordination is required.

Countless artists were tuned away by the boredom of useless practice, countless many lied that art was in their genes, just to make themselves feel special.

Between Open Source Krita, The Art Of Photobashing, and Stable Diffusion, the gateways to the Universe Of Art now beacon to all.

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