Try Not To Rest At The Gym
Try Not To Rest At The Gym

Tuesday • August 29th 2023 • 11:05:27 pm

Try Not To Rest At The Gym

Tuesday • August 29th 2023 • 11:05:27 pm

Gym-time is special, and it is precious.

A gym is a unique place, not meant for rest.

Don’t do reps and sets, just keep going.

Those aches are, temporary.

Our bodies lie to us, they dream of being fat.

Just look at ice cream, it is way too pleasant.

As with all things, you start in the beginning.

That means with low weights, that you can actually lift for a while.

And then, when your arms do get tired.

Don’t stop to rest, but, start lifting a lighter weight.

And if you feel you can lift higher, then go back, to a higher weight.

When you have no other choice, switch to another exercise.

Maybe from biceps, go to lifting above your head.

Or use a treadmill, if your gym lets you bring dumbbells.

Never sit, never rest, never lay down.

Those exercisers, are for when you feel unwell.

If you hurt your back, or leg.

You can then lay down, and work on your chest.

This is not perfect, of course.

As you pretty much, don’t pick the exercise.

But constantly moving, is much more important.

Your body is a system of muscles, that all rely on each other.

They have their own sequence, and own ways of picking what is next.

For example chest will expand, after you have shoulders and biceps.

All the while, your abdominal area, will develop non stop to support everything.

If you have trouble eliminating rest, use an interval timer.

And to keep your exercise challenging, speed up the tempo of your music.

To keep yourself from getting distracted, hit every beat in your songs.

And if you can, aim for dancing with dumbbells, for two or three hours.

Flexing and moving to music, is an old warrior’s trick.

It will keep your body healthy, integrated, balanced, and forever young.