Big Bada Obesity Boom!
Big Bada Obesity Boom!

Friday • December 29th 2023 • 11:06:04 pm

Big Bada Obesity Boom!

Friday • December 29th 2023 • 11:06:04 pm

Obesity, and probably childhood obesity, may just be the terrible and unhealthy secret behind body building.

There are many ways to build muscle, but large people already have them.

Victims of childhood obesity have muscle, from carrying all the extra weight.

If you lose the fat, you will become a massive body builder.

This is not to glorify Obesity, obesity is death, you have to put an end to it, right now.

Quit your job, walk the Appalachian trail, bring all the narrated books you can find.

Here are a few somewhat interesting thoughts, that may help you get going, sooner than later.

Children of obese parents, know that their parents love food more than they love them.

Parents must never allow their children to accept their flaws, parenting is all about transcending limits.

They are aware of the stress that is making them overeat, but know, that ultimately parents are failing them.

Kids know that obesity leads to a quick end, and realize that their parents don’t care to be around for very long.

I am bringing this heart wrenching thing up, because it is hard to notice for many.

It is hard to notice, that there are no obese elderly.

We are warriors, we must fight.

When obese, you lose your range of motion, so slowly, that you forget it was there.

And most large people never see their real face in the mirror, they don’t know their face.

And we are all very beautiful, very unique, when our face loses the puffiness.

Avoid sugar, it is toxic for humans.

Sugar is a concentrated mess, that should never be used.

Companies use sugar, fat and salt, to trick our taste buds so that we enjoy eating trash.

Not trash, because it is not good for you, but actual garbage, food that would have to be thrown out.

Because of how bad it tastes, because no one would buy it.

They are flavoring trash, to sell it to you, without concern for your health.

Use shredded lettuce as packing material for your meal, it is basically a non calorie food that will make you feel full.

Flavor it with a tiny fraction of what you normally eat, and at first you can have any dressing you want.

Don’t keep any other food at home, just what it takes to make a salad.

Sign up for the gym, yes, but don’t copy others, everyone including the trainer is wrong.

Exercise is a non-stop activity, that you must gradually build up endurance for.

And you have to track that build up mathematically, you need a calculator, you need an interval timer.

And you need to angrily feed those numbers in, really push those buttons, if the calculator cracks get another one.

At first walk into the gym, and start walking to see how long you can walk for.

Stop when you need rest, but time yourself.

And slowly, shorten your rest period, so that you walk for an hour straight.

Then you need to extend your endurance to walk for two, and later three hours.

You will need to carry dumbbells, and eventually you will need to start gently dancing.

Then shuffle dance, and finally jog.

To distract yourself from wanting to stop, synchronize your motion with the beats of songs.

This will put you into a trance, avoid distractions, talking, and looking around, focus on the beat.

You have to eliminate all toxic things from your life, they are the reason why you are overeating.

Obesity is a sure and slow death, whatever or whoever is making you overeat, is simply killing you.

Protect yourself, fight for your life.

Walk the triple crown, the Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails.

You have simplified logistics, you won’t need as much food as the others.

It will take you many tries, many section hikes.

The main thing is not, completing, but never giving up, always returning to the trail.

In the exact spot, where you walked off.

Finally, my last piece of advice, is just madness, and you should ignore it.

Get rid of your kitchen appliances, they make it too easy for you to overeat.

Get rid of all of them, including fridge and stove, turn your kitchen into a little gym area.

If you are angry, dangerously obese, weak from years of failing.

Unplug the appliances, and cut their plugs off, right now.

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