Visual Programming Done Right
Visual Programming Done Right

Monday • January 1st 2024 • 12:50:03 am

Visual Programming Done Right

Monday • January 1st 2024 • 12:50:03 am


Above all, visual programming is power, it should help you deploy...

To a self provisioning bare metal server-less system, that it manages.

That you can actually modify, to match your needs.

When you are done laughing, understand that it is the future, the only future.

And the reason why you don't see that, is because you have gotten used to how everything is broken.

Visual programming, represents the much needed repairs.

Visual programming replaces the programmer, it scales, it works securely and reliably, and it is fast.

It operates on the same patterns programmers use, but under a consistent, and simplified user interface.

Just like there is an app for everything, that is its own world.

In visual programming, there is a library of nodes, specifically crafted to accomplish one thing well.

Critics, pipe down, a hacker is no contrarian, a hacker does not dismiss a technology, only makes it better.

The Linux command line, is a visual programming language.

It does not take much, to create a lot of function and power.

But yes, there must exist specific nodes, for a specific domain.

Just like in Linux, there must exist large nodes, that do a lot of work, but not all the work.

These programs expose ports, where a range of things can be plugged in.

Visual programming can be as low level as you need it, but the lower you go…

The more cumbersome the visual programming will get, relative to throwing away the mouse and just coding.

The reason why you can’t just code everything, anyway, is the limitation of your mind.

Visual programming provides an interactive system diagram, that is also editable, making modding the application trivial.

You don’t need documentation, when you can click simulate.

And watch your data packet, slowly get routed through the system.

The higher the abstraction layer, the more powerful the visual programming.

A really good level, full of tasty bits, is the app world.

Where your nodes are on the level of phone apps, representing schedules, cameras, websites and feeds.

A cheap way of doing this, is just wrapping 3rd party API in nodes.

But again, it is not just high level nodes, it is also a narrow domain that fixes problems that people actually have.

A visual programming language that does… everything, does nothing right.

Those of you who dislike the idea of putting in a large tool, into your tool-chain.

Visual programming can run live, during design, it can produce programs that run under start and stop buttons.

But it can also be used to generate source code, just like UML can generate your class code for you.

I will leave you with a complex and enticing example, of a money making Visual Programming Language.

Instead of manually creating themes and UI kits for Bootstrap, create a visual programming studio.

You can see how intimidating dealing with all the code generation is, and that should help you grasp, why visual programming.

Why, just squares, ports, labels and long lines, that show you where everything plugs into.

The higher the abstraction, the greater the complexity, and thus greater urgency to keep everything as simple as possible.

A good bootstrap theme can sell countless times for 50 dollars, that means no more work.

You just keep adding nodes, and before you dare to think, it would look boring.

Just stop it, you use one of the popular image generators, to create a new set of beautiful designs.

And then you duplicate your last product, and begin modifying it to math the new designs.

Other good examples are web scrapers, where you turn the internet into feeds.

UI builders with component tress, as in column has form, form has inputs and a footer, footer has a button.

When you are connecting visual programming nodes, you are just building a tree, which is perfect for nested UI components.

A tool to build tiny HTTP servers like Express or Koa, where all the routing can be configured with drag and drop.

And music composition or lecture with Web Audio and Tonejs, maybe a visual tool for ffmpeg filter-graphs that charges $9 per month.

And finally tools that build, enhance, expand, other, domain specific programming languages.

So a visual programming language aimed, at creating other domain specific visual programming tools.

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