Unbreakable and Unlimited
Unbreakable and Unlimited

Saturday • April 25th 2020 • 8:28:14 pm

Unbreakable and Unlimited

Saturday • April 25th 2020 • 8:28:14 pm

Captain's Log Supplemental, Quarantine, Day Forty.

We are born to run our fingers through infinity,

be it Wright Brothers or Yuri Gagarin, Galileo Galilei.

It is our right to touch the greatest of heights,

and it is our privilege to cheer for each other in triumph.

We have no flaws, no ugliness, no weakness, and no limit,

be it Tenzing and Hillary, or Viktor Emil Frankl.

Nothing can stop us,

there are no bars thick enough,

there are no bars strong enough,

"We are the Captains of our Souls,

And The Masters of Out Fate"

However, there is a culture that we must never let go of,

The culture of, Love of Wisdom,

The culture of, Inheritance of Knowledge.

If we are tricked to reject Wisdom,

and if there is no teacher or parent,

or friend left to remind us,

then all will be lost.

Your work will not set you free,

it is a lie as old as slavery.

Your teachers can only remind,

but they cannot reach into your mind.

Fight for your right to knowledge,

there is no university,

there is no college,

you have to use your heart to learn,

only you can do that.

Without Inheritance of Wisdom,

you will become cursed to start at zero.

As magnificent as your battle will be,

you will only reach a path, that was walked countless times before.

You must start,

where the greatest minds left off.

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