Speedrunning Bodybuilding
Speedrunning Bodybuilding

Friday • February 16th 2024 • 12:26:20 am

Speedrunning Bodybuilding

Friday • February 16th 2024 • 12:26:20 am

Talk to the gym trainer, ask for advice, explain what you are up to, be kind, but focus on the routine.

There are two stages, building up endurance, and then building muscle.

Without extended endurance, you won't lift for long enough to put on the muscle.

You begin with 45 minute workouts, but 25 minutes is a fine start as well.

Synchronize your motion with music, to enter a dance trance.

Get an interval timer with a vibrate function, set it to 60 seconds of activity, 120 seconds of rest, 15 rounds.

Hit start, grab onto 5lb dumbbells, lift for 60 seconds until you feel the vibration, and stop.

If you had trouble, try 3 lb dumbbells, or change that 60 seconds of activity to 45 or 30.

Rest for 120 seconds, and begin twisting and turning, or walking back and fort with dumbbells again.

If 120 seconds of rest is too much, cut it in half, setting your rest period to 60 seconds.

Repeat daily, you may take weekends off, if you begin accumulating damage.

You will need to learn about dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

And if you add salty foods to you diet, get a blood pressure monitor.

Test it at your doctors office, or a pharmacy, make sure it is correctly calibrated.

Every two weeks shorten your rest period, so that eventually you gain the endurance to workout for 45 minutes non stop.

Now, that you gained endurance, add 15 minutes and make it a full hour.

If you are skinny an hour or hour and a half is good, you you are large, keep extending your workout duration to three hours.

Now, your are performing exercise for long enough, for your body to hear you loud and clear.

If you started skinny and need more muscle, lift heavier weights 8lb or 10lb to slower music, protect you back.

If you started large, you already have a lot of the muscle, lift light weights to faster music, such as 170 BPM, to burn up fat.

One beat for up, one beat for down, 5,100 lifts per hour.

This is a workout that keeps you healthy, that restores you, that keeps you living a long life.

There is no trickery here, dance trance, endurance, flexing and dancing with dumbbells in hand.

How big you get, is a function of how much you slow down, and how heavy you care to lift.

But be warned, astronauts that go up into the space station, lose muscle mass startlingly fast, a stay in hospital will work the same.

Muscle is not everything, it is hard to gain and easy to lose.

Health is everything, may you become wise, grow all the way up, and become a great being.

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