Knowledge, Slides; Or, Real Knowledge Is Connected And Marked By Personal Curiosity
Knowledge, Slides; Or, Real Knowledge Is Connected And Marked By Personal Curiosity

Wednesday • November 8th 2023 • 10:38:59 pm

Knowledge, Slides; Or, Real Knowledge Is Connected And Marked By Personal Curiosity

Wednesday • November 8th 2023 • 10:38:59 pm

My earliest school memory, may just come from first grade.

I got written up for something, maybe “Forgot to draw arms on his stick figure”

What I didn’t forget was her expression when she saw that, though bless her heart, early teachers are angels.

I ripped out a page out of the punishment book, and and when my mom spoke to the teacher.

I got busted somehow, there was another complaint, that I failed to tear out maybe.

My next big memory is my parent helping me with a bear mask (as in doing all the work), it had a proper elastic band, brand new.

And well painted bear face, in watercolor, with cut out eyes, and on Bristol paper.

I had only one line, it was, “Grr, grr”,

And to this day my heart hurts, that in all the fear, I forgot to pull my mask over my face.

But all the other kids, had their masks on their foreheads.

The third memory is playing happy birth day on Cymbals, I was able to read the notes, and hear the song.

The teacher didn’t like it, and a couple of ears later, turned out to be a monster.

When multiple bullies were punching me in the face, she slowly turned her head away.

As you can image, this was precious intel for a young philosopher.

And I milked that moment, for al lit contains.

All three of these moments, are intellectual mountain peaks, of a little kid.

I make them special, my unique characteristics as a human being, as an earthling…

And kid born of many generation of warriors, hunters, gatherers, handsome apes, happy little monkeys, and cute as heck shrews, an other amazing creatures.

And I am also a consciousness that arose from physics, and chemistry, and so many accidents across such a number of years…

That our minds couldn't possibly grasp the number, even if I did tell you what that number was.

I am unique, unique as heck, and so are you, and every other creature.

We can exploit our predispositions, but randomness does not account for Generative Art, or Commodore BASIC

(a programming language OS combo)

Better than our predispositions, are our private curiousness, and those are of our own making.

Messing with grades and warnings, such a silly thing, that I messed up in first grade or so.

Turned out to be one of the coolest things I did, after I saw it done right in the 1983 War Games movie, some years later.

And I understood everything instantly, war dialing which is randomly scanning for other modems.

Connecting two computers, and accessing, and interacting a program on a remote machine.

This helped me see what programming was for, and how it all worked, years before before more organized networks, like internet.

My acting gig as a bear, had profound consequences, when I arrived in America…

All the TV shows were talking about getting in touch, with your inner child.

Well, my vision quest to my childhood, was really odd, because I was still a child.

So I got in-touch with my inner animal instead, no complains.

But I tell you what, I learned, that you never stop dressing up for Halloween.

You find you inner animal, and you run or dance with it.

And be proud of it, my ended up being a house cat, and I made it fierce.

I am unashamed to wear a tail for the entire duration of October, and every year without a fail, something really funny happens.

And I laugh for many months, afterward.

Going beyond just a handsome tail or a face mask, is an art-form, it is a job, a career as a photographer, and a beautiful coffee table book.

It takes you straight into the Kitsune (kikne) stories, about the nine tailed fox, for which I was just generating AI art for.

My little bear mask, something so silly, came with more direction to branch out into, than I have time for.

And my Happy Birth day song, for which I was punished, because I was not allowed to hear the music in my ears.

But to match the metronome, the music teacher ripped the sound of music away from me, and graded me down as a loser.

Let me tell you something, there is a class of mystical programs called Music Trackers.

And I have been carefully staring at them for decades, reverse engineering the thoughts, the ideas, the workflow.

Now, I use a standard digital audio work station LMMS, but the windows are always overlapping on me.

The music tracker, is a single screen user interface, it is powerful, and even compatible with text mode screens like you see in hacker movies.

I am building a visual programming language, in part because of ToneJs and Web Audio, and I am ready to pay for good AI that generates fresh songs.

All of this, because I heard the melody of a song I played, and became enchanted with my own way towards music.

What that monster needed to do, was to encourage all parents to buy a cheap computer…

That could handle some primitive Music Tracker, ZX Spectrum comes to mind.

And she would have a class of composers, everyone in that classroom would compose something neat or wild.

You see what I mean by the word slide, you come to a point and you grow from it.

You can’t leap into mathematics, you need a reason.

You need a computer, a desire to program your first evolving and infinite song.

Where you will be dealing with making waves, sawtooth, sine wave, square wave, and here math becomes a tool.

Not some stupid memorization challenge, our knowledge must grow.

And the tree must be driver by our own curiousness, no what somebody else wants us to learn.

The difference between real education and ineffective education, is the same difference…

As between moving back towards dark ages, and advancing the human kind towards convergence on wisdom in World Peace.

Please stop memorizing in class, please stop pretending to learn, please stop performing in the church or theater of fake education.

Do not sacrifice your spark, your mind, and your content of character, for a meaningless GPA and Diploma, and a mind numbing career that will make yo old.

Begin your self education immediately, listen to all the narrated books that are held in high esteem by clear thinking intellectuals…

And rather than just wait for aging, and merely looking the part.

Begin to deliberately grow all the way up, until you become a great being.

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