Little Empires
Little Empires

Friday • April 21st 2023 • 11:27:27 pm

Little Empires

Friday • April 21st 2023 • 11:27:27 pm

Somehow, we ended up not noticing how ineffective education has become, probably because everybody is too desperate for a paycheck.

There is no room for effort to teach, when everything is about desperately trying to put food on the table.

You will see that teachers treat memorization, the same as comprehension, and state tests and politicians tests don’t care.

There is another lie here that you might not have noticed, the subject divisions are wrong, they never add up.

And what is worse, nobody cares that you receive, an integrated body of knowledge, nobody caress what the classes add up to.

Parents are happy that they have a free babysitter, and political hopefuls are happy to make fake education improvement promises.

Unusually, even smart people are in the wrong, thinking that improving education, is about getting the students to study harder.

But you can’t improve a disconnected education, or shreds and patches of failed promises and half measures.

You can’t just hope to smush disconnected bits of whatever is easy to teach, into an integrated body of knowledge.

It all has to grow in a very precise way, almost exactly like life on earth grew to perfectly adapt to its chemical signature.

Real education is about gradually adapting, to more and more ideas, as they integrate and snap together to form a seamless body.

There is thought experiment you can conduct, to get a better picture.

A real class, a real subject, with a beautiful on-ramp, and a sturdy promise of building little empires that get you out of poverty.

That is Computer Programming aimed at launching on-line platforms, where people pay to use the tools and ideas you program.

There are many standard platforms, but they never match what you need exactly, so you are challenged to learn how to build custom platforms.

In the beginning you explore the language, then database work-flows, then start building your first API platforms, followed by the User Interface…

And finally, come to the point, where you program something you invented, or expand on existing ideas to make them better.

Look, at, the graduation day, you are leaving school, with a dozen or so small side projects, that probably pay the bills…

But most importantly, you are walking out of there, ready to co-found a company with your friends, knowing exactly what you have to build to succeed at scale.

Here all the classes you took, integrated together into enabling you, to create little empires.

And grant you the power of code, where you create companies and products, just out of thoughts and ideas alone.

You see, real education, comes together, to make you powerful.