The Little Tiny Book Entitled The Manual Of Life
The Little Tiny Book Entitled The Manual Of Life

Tuesday • May 11th 2021 • 9:10:16 pm

The Little Tiny Book Entitled The Manual Of Life

Tuesday • May 11th 2021 • 9:10:16 pm

There is a handful of imaginary documents that every young person of the future should have,

The Earth Passport, Universal Income Card (as a symbol).

A copy of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights,

with an invitation asking them to make it better if they can.

And a strangle little book,

that also comes in audio, entitled: The Manual Of Life.

The child will have questions,

and answers must already be waiting for them.

The Manual Of Life, is a small book,

written by the Worlds Most Beloved Scientists and Philosophers.

Everyone of them, will get a page,

and vote on bringing in a quote or two by a Great Being that is only around in spirit and wisdom.

This is a book that many will return to as they grow,

there will be wise advice on every important subject.

The book will explain that war occurs due to lack of real education and real knowledge,

both sides are wrong, and that war cannot be fixed, it can only be prevented with Knowledge and Wisdom.

The book will explain that poverty is not their fault,

it is an error that stems from Humanity's misunderstanding of what money is meant for.

It will explain what it means to grow up,

and what simple mistakes to avoid.

It will show who we are, how Noble and Unbreakable,

and that we are one family, only divided by confusion and lack of knowledge, that schools can fix.

Many of the thinkers will help the readers aim towards a better future,

a future without war, without poverty, a future without inequality and without injustice.

Many of the psychologists and neurologists will bring up issues relating to Human Biases,

and mental hygiene and health; noting how delicate our minds and brains are.

And a few will help the readers to discover their universal selves by encouraging them to imagine what is left of them, after they subtract,

all the things easily influenced by merely being born to a particular culture, family, or belief system.

There will be plenty of room for people from all around the world to send in new advice,

the only requirement is that is is relevant and wise, as we progress towards World Peace and a Wiser Future.

If I had to send something in, I would submit:

"You are meant to become a Great Being."

What would you send in?

What would your magnificent advice be?