The Pixel Artist
The Pixel Artist

Sunday • April 10th 2022 • 3:43:38 pm

The Pixel Artist

Sunday • April 10th 2022 • 3:43:38 pm

8088 Domination

8088 MPH by Hornet + CRTC + DESiRE (SOME SERIOUS ⭐!?⭐)

8088 MPH Revision 2015 Live Audience Reaction

MindCandy: The Best of the PC DOS Demoscene

Pixel Art Class - Art Styles for Indie Games

Pixelart 101 FREE College Course: Styles

A Programmer's Guide to Pixel Art

What Size is Pixel Art? (Intro to Sprite and Canvas Size)

Pixel Art Class - How To Use References Effectively



What is ‘TEXT MODE’ art? | Introduction and Timelapse

ANSI Graphics / ANSI ART

1-Bit Pixel Art Techniques (Tutorial + Timelapse)

Recreating a Photo as Pixel Art (1-Bit Timelapse)

1-Bit Pixel Art Hotel [Aseprite Speed Painting]

Pixelart 101 FREE College Course: Game Boy

Designing a Pixel Art Gameboy Tribute (Timelapse + Commentary)

Creating 4-Color Pixel Art Palettes, inspired by the SUPER GAMEBOY!

Commodore 64 Longplay [003] Turrican (EU)

CGA Graphics - Not as bad as you thought!

Amiga Longplay Rick Dangerous

PC Longplay [712] Rick Dangerous II

Pixel art, 16 colors,320x256, deluxe paint V

Cazando pixel art 16 colors

Maniqui, Mannequin . pixel art 16 colors, AMIGA

Life and Death of a Gnome, Amiga pixel art time-lapse (100x normal speed)

C64-Longplay - Alien (720p)

Aliens for the C64

Aliens (Fantastic Audio)

Aliens 1987 Commodore 64 Remake (Note the minimap, who needs 3D?)

C64 Longplay - The Great Giana Sisters (warpless)

Boulder Dash - C64 full playthrough

Mari0 | Super Mario Bros. Meets Portal! | Gameplay


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992) 8bit vs 16bit vs 32bit vs 64bit (is there a big difference?)

Amiga Longplay Gobliiins

Longplay: Commander Keen 4 - Secret of the Oracle (1991) [MS-DOS]

Longplay: Duke Nukem II - Episode 1 (1993) [MS-DOS]

PC Longplay [157] Dune CD

Dune 2 - Story & Cutscenes

Catacomb 3-D Series PC Game Review

Retro Review - Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny


Hexen: Beyond Heretic - An Updated Review

Rise of the Triad: The Story of | Nostalgia Nerd

Illustration Effect for Pixel Art | “PiXel ScAler” Overview

AI Converts Cartoon Characters To Real Life [Pixel2Style2Pixel]

IRL to Anime With Cartoonization AI

Deepfake Movements with 1 image ONLY [Liquid Warping GAN]

Do's and Don'ts of Pixel art! (Beginner Tutorial)

How to choose good Colour Palettes (Pixel Art Tutorial)

5 tips to MASTER your pixel art in 5 MINUTES

How To Pixel Art Tutorial - TIPS ARTISTS NEED TO KNOW IN 2022

Pixel Art Tips from a Professional Artist - Tips & Tricks

PIXEL ART TIPS for Beginners

Top 5 Pixel Art Tips for Beginners

10 most common pixelart mistakes by beginners

Is Krita (Free) Good for Making Pixel Art? | 7 Quick Tips & Monster Time-lapse

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