Living Life
Living Life

Tuesday • December 15th 2020 • 9:06:24 pm

Living Life

Tuesday • December 15th 2020 • 9:06:24 pm

Culture switching is the best way to learn, it is about discovering that not only one's own culture is fluid,

but also, that there is no standard culture, just a colorful bouquet.

I think most people assume that switching cultures

means living in some other country for a but moving around is just as good.

The point is not to be glued to a single spot,

but continue adapting to as many as possible.

Moreover, changing the way we live is just as good,

spending half a year traveling the Appalachian Trail is the most powerful example.

Above all, going to sleep when it gets dark, and rising to watch the sun rise,

is a great treasure, that brings great heath and strength.

Going forward every day, and slowing down to match the pace of nature,

helps people have long thoughts and connects all their dots together.

Discomfort, is not part of learning and growing, or healing,

it is just that we must not succumb to fear and imaginary dragons.

Doing new things is not perfect, but it is not discomfort,

discomfort is when someone is hurting you, or life is crushing you.

These are the situations that require drastic changes,

not just a set of changes, but a long term series of changes.

Some people, presumably at-least armchair psychologists,

say that we end up using a more logical side of our brain...

But, I am sure that our brains are infinitely more complex than that,

and what is actually going on is that we are leaving a kind of depression behind.

One of our main missions in life, is to live it to its fullest because, life is precious,

and that includes living in balance with nature, wisdom, and universe.

And while, I do admit that this sounds a wee bit hokey,

the best way to personally explore ideas behind heath and balance.

Is to try to imagine our elder selves,

at say, 85 and a half years, young.

It is hard to deny that, no one is more connected to the elder you, than you right now,

you can try to project your predispositions and try to imagine what the elder you is like.

Our energy is found in balanced living,

we have to move away from stress, and depression, and overwork.

Our intelligence, and creativity, our memory, and ability to learn, and read books,

requires that we take really good care of ourselves.

In school and at work, you will find your self facing,

what I would call Profit Optimization.

Mediocre teachers will want a perfect mediocre score,

that is slightly above their last year statistics so that they may show improvement.

The average employer will want you to do more for less,

or to get more out of you, without investing more into you.

And that means,

pushing you past your healthy balance.

Encouraging use of medications that help with temporary memory at school,

and whatever pushes you into overwork and over performing at work.

If you don't do that,

you will be replaced by someone who is willing to live sick for the minimum you got paid, or less.

Allow me to digress, and say that to deal with both of these issues in a healthy fashion,

you can self-educate and and aim to build a serious of start-ups.

Now, when building your companies, you will be tasked with not pushing yourself,

while it is easier to overwork in short term, it is not worth it in long term.

You need heart, and soul, and long visions and thoughts to craft your own future,

and being stressed, depressed, and overworked will only take those powers away from you.

Living healthy should be the easiest thing for you, cramming, overworking, stressing, depressing,

and squeezing every last bit of energy out of yourself, aught to be the more difficult path.

Just listen to what I am saying;

when you are healthy and in balance with your self, or with nature, whatever you conceive to be:

You are at your most intelligent, and most creative, and strongest self,

you are also most beautiful, and I am sure at your funniest, in that worst of ways where no one is sure if are joking or dead serious.

One of the ways to connect with your elder self,

is to make them better, is to grant them outrageous gifts from your youth.

Even if just to remind them,

who the boss really is, or to make them smile in wonder.

Great beings often appear slightly odd and confusingly funny, just because of that,

they are sending a message into their own future, to guarantee the health of their elder selves.

Culture switching helps a person become unstuck,

it exposes them to new experiences, and removes old discomforts, and often making them more courageous.

It is important to read books, and that means to live in a state that is conducive to inheriting lifetimes of knowledge,

and that state just can't be found at places that aim to push you out of balance for their own profit.

It sounds terrible, but this is just a call to rising, to self balancing, to becoming an independent thinker,

to leaving all influences whether perceptible of obscured, behind you, in a blur of a series of challenges.

With each new step,

you will learn new things.

With each new culture,

you will become more illuminated.

And with each Great Endeavor,

you will become, greater.