Of Serenity, And Courage - It Is Not Just The Narrated Books
Of Serenity, And Courage - It Is Not Just The Narrated Books

Monday • July 10th 2023 • 11:18:05 pm

Of Serenity, And Courage - It Is Not Just The Narrated Books

Monday • July 10th 2023 • 11:18:05 pm

It is impossible to learn from a good narrated book, when we are threatened by major trouble.

Though narrated books can take away aches and pains, and help with sleep and minor fears.

This is just one of the benefits, as great books are meant for wisdom and greatness.

This is why walking great adventure trails, or even camping in a tiny wilderness for a good while…

Is a key component, of the act of inheritance of wisdom from books.

You need to make room, room in all the paces where greatness resides.

Greatness of spirit or soul, greatness of heart, and greatness of mind, and vision, thought, and invention.

Right past the early reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Schools stop working, they do not teach beyond basics, the education we do get is purely out our own brilliance.

Subject divisions are wrong, as they render everything boring.

They exist purely for bookkeeping, and the teachers.

One fun way to learn math for example, is to learn programming first and build screensavers and generative art.

Such a thing is but one step away from launching a business, and making something out of it, even if just for pocket change.

Just teaching math, is bat shit crazy, it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the human condition.

The lectures, can’t work, they only sell the students out for easy paychecks.

The GPA, or the Grade Point Average, is one other major problem.

Because the students believe that it will stick around, and can influence their future.

They give up real education, in favor of pretending to learn to keep the GPA up.

That means cramming, it is just temporary memorization.

Students are aware they have been betrayed, they just don’t even want to learn for real until after they are out of the GPA threat.

The GPA, is not the worst of it, being held back, for a young person, is a good as a prison sentence.

Very often people who are being bullied, can’t learn.

So first, they notice that teachers ignore their bullies, and then the same teachers hold them back a year…

Permanently painting them as inferior, meanwhile their bullies just laugh, memorize.

This betrayal pushes some students into drug use, for some to ease anxiety, for others to cut off distraction.

I repeat, schools don’t work.

Now, there is another problem here, and this deals with how they are treated at home.

And whether or not, they have a safe place whey they can learn, by buying mountains of gadgets, they never use again.

If they come home and use the smartphone, to doom scroll in hopes of alleviating their depression, they were betrayed at home too.

They won’t say anything, because that home is all they know.

It may even seem outrageous and funny to them, that they need a little laboratory with computers, and maybe even tutors.

You can see what a terrible injustice this is, schools betray them, bullies attack them.

They come home and get yelled at for bad grades, and maybe even have their phone taken away.

So that, they can’t even tune out their sadness, betrayed by all.

They are supposed to be exploring, learning, living in a kind of serenity, that makes books call to them.

That makes the presence of a computer, transform into a question of learning programming.

If they learn programming, which is very easy, they will never have to fear poverty.

But again, they are being cut off from this, by being attacked, and forced directly into poverty and mind numbing jobs.

Adventure trails, back packing, and camping, are the perfect detox, and in fact serve as a model for a healthier existence.

But these adventures have to be frequent, not Peace Corps maybe, not every year, not just the holidays...

You will be on the right path, if your kids start wondering if you are hoping to leave them in the wilderness.

Or worst yet, the god damned Europe, or something.

Remember the reason - it is to bring them the serenity, which is a prerequisite to learning for real.

You are healing them, helping them learn for real, from books written by great beings.

The alternative to Serenity, is Courage.

But asking a student to rise that early on, to rise against, odds, against corruption, recruiters, teachers, and their parents.

Will make them alone, will put them into perfect isolation.

They will be forced to learn life by helping people, who in return, will think of them as weirdos.

No alcohol, no drugs, no hookups, no fuck-ups, no regrets, just wisdom, dignity and perpetual isolation.

Asking a young person for courage, is a terrible way to raise a great being.

Take your kids shopping, electronics, solar batteries, backpacks, and all the expensive things that go in them.

Set them free from the stress of betrayal, grant them the serenity they need to become great beings and fix the word.