Bodybuilding For Ladies
Bodybuilding For Ladies

Saturday • March 30th 2024 • 11:24:39 pm

Bodybuilding For Ladies

Saturday • March 30th 2024 • 11:24:39 pm

Above all, and as usual everyone is wrong - I am not sure why, and those aerobic videos from the 80 are only almost right.

The correct model for bodybuilding is jogging, or in our case dancing with dumbbells in your hands.

The reason joggers don’t become bodybuilders, and why aerobatic videos are only almost right.

Is because you have to start with lightest dumbbells, and then gradually ho higher and higher as you body gets used to it.

It is a rare jogger that wears a weigh-vest, and carries dumbbells, if they do, then they will grow muscle lyke no tomorrow.

And it is a rare workout video that emphasizes heavier weights, arerobic videos may just be for burning up fat.

If you ever tried an aerobic workout and it didn’t work, it is only because you didn’t do it for long enough.

Normal size ladies require one hour, and if you are heavy, it is two, three is you care for the express version.

Don’t worry, when you are working out in sync to beats of music, you enter a dance trance and even three hours will feel like 30 minutes.

But there is an initial speed bump, it is not a big but…

But, you won’t be able to do a full hour or two non-stop.

You have to work up your endurance, exactly – and I mean it – exactly, like joggers do it.

They also can’t run for an hour or two straight, and have to rest.

But they focus on eliminating that rest, as soon, and I emphasize, as soon as it is freakishly possible.

You go on for a little bit, you run out of air or energy, you stop, rest, and try working out again.

Now, there is good news here, there are apps called interval timers.

Though I recommend a no-brand clip on, that attaches to your waistband/ankle/wrist and alerts you via vibration.

An interval timer is two countdown timers (that count backwards) in one, the first timer is for workout duration, and second for rest.

You set your workout to 30 seconds, 2 minutes of rest, and 10 repetitions, hit start, and let it buzz you in.

It will vibrate when you need to start dancing with dumbbells, and vibrate, when you can finally rest.

And here, every week you increase your workout duration by a little bit, decrease your rest duration, and every month or so increase your repetition, or rounds.

The point is to condition your body, with lightest dumbells, and eliminate rest periods entirely so that you can dance for one hour non stop.

And just as soon as you feel that 3 pound dumbells, feel like they are not doing anything…

You switch to the heavier dumbells, for as long as you can, you go back and forth until the heavier weight sticks.

So now, this whole elimination of rest, is about making your body notice that you need more muscle.

And then, increasing the dumbbell weight, is where your muscles really grow.

If you dance with 3 pounds for too long, you will enter a pleasant plateau…

Where you will burn up fat, but your muscles won’t grow too much.

Going to the next weight, would get them going again.

If 2 or 5 pounds are too big of a leap, get wrist weights, as they are usually one or two pounds.

You can round off that leap, to the next weight.

Last, but not really, least, if the gym gives you trouble, or gets boring.

Go long distance hiking, walk the Triple Crown of Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide trails.

You have to go as a group, don’t go alone.

And when you get your adventure legs, train to become an ultra and apply for Western States 100.

You don’t have to finish, or win, just being out there wrestling pumas the occasional Ursus Horibilis is fun.

I didn’t want to mention this, and I don’t really talk to people a the gym, but I am pretty sure, that you have to call everyone a bro, once you sign up.

Even like, if you sigh up with your mom, you just say, “Hey bro, did you bring the chocolate bars.”

And is someone kindly holds the door for you or you mom, you are supposed to say, “Hey bro, you’re messing with the gains” and then chase them away.

Oh, yeah, don't tell dudes about this, just as a prank.

And for goodness sake, don't get too buff, it is a lot easier than people think.

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