Your Readers
Your Readers

Monday • January 18th 2021 • 7:22:58 pm

Your Readers

Monday • January 18th 2021 • 7:22:58 pm

Above all you are miracle of the universe,

you are made of stars.

But you also are,

a kind of a universe.

The Universe within you,

is made of constellations of ideas and observations.

You are also an Earthling, a Citizen of The World,

and we are all one big family here.

Today we are divided,

by our levels of education, and mistaken beliefs.

This is not always going to be the case,

- Humanity is always making progress forward.

It is very important that you understand:

that you stand on top of all the nations and their politics.

You are not born into them,

you are merely born, surrounded by them.

And one of the first things you must do,

is to rise; and do so by means of wise and well narrated books.

One of our greatest and most important tasks in life,

is to leave a permanent legacy of wisdom.

For now, the means of leaving that legacy,

revolves around writing books, or composing audio books.

Your books are a collection of all your wisdom,

original thoughts, independent reinventions, and your inheritance from other books.

Make no mistake,

being indoctrinated into a culture where wisdom matters little, is a tragedy.

None of you hard earned truths, wisdom, or conclusions,

should ever be lost.

Whatever does get lost,

will make the universe permanently darker.

The earliest of your writings

are most important to the youngest of your readers or listeners.

None of your thoughts or works were ever immature,

when they are all combined together they amount to a path of wisdom.

Your wisdom is the story of your triumphs,

of brilliant thoughts that will enlighten the lives of others.

Your intelligence and consciousness is unlimited,

the stories of your world and your growing up are Universal.

Help your readers understand

what your world was like.

What you commit to history, will be read and read, listened and re-listened...

a hundred, a thousand, and then thousand years from now.

Connect with your readers,

help them help you, rise above.