Making Our Civilization Better
Making Our Civilization Better

Wednesday • December 1st 2021 • 9:13:50 pm

Making Our Civilization Better

Wednesday • December 1st 2021 • 9:13:50 pm

And there it is,
we are celestial beings from Milky Way.

We are all extremely smart,
and the more we learn the wiser we become.

Sometimes knowledge comes to us on its own,
sometimes we find it on adventures we create.

We also learn from others,
books narrated by good narrators are magical.

As we grow in wisdom,
others begin borrowing it from us.

By helping or inspiring others,
we slowly and humbly transform into our best selves.

We just got here,
and everything needs improvement.

Schools have to recognize students as unique,
they must cease trying to teach the same thing.

Grades are a tragedy,
Human Beings are too unique to be graded.

Rather than telling students what to learn,
we need to learn to wait and celebrate when they reach wisdom.

Humanity can use money,
so as long at it does not hold the world hostage.

Our mind is our wealth,
in that way we are all wealthy.

But no Human Being should be threatened by Hunger or Homelessness,
as that will prevent them from flourishing.

The world must come together in wisdom and end poverty,
so that we all have a chance to grow up.

It is wrong to put people into poverty,
and make them work their way out.

The financial systems that we use today,
are just one configuration out of countless many.

We need to reconfigure the system,
so that money benefits all Human Beings on earth.

So that all members of our enormous family,
are safe.

We are each so unique that we can't read books in the same sequence,
but we must learn from books.

Narrated books are the best,
we are great listeners, that is how we used to grow up when Humanity was young.

There is a lot of tragedy in the past history,
we have to learn not to repeat mistakes.

Whatever leads to war,
must be closed of, we must move beyond it.

National borders are an old idea,
we are all One Family, and we are each a citizen of the world.

The borders are not real,
they are imaginary.

The path forward is wisdom and greatness,
a journey that every Human Being must be asked to take.

Another name for it,
is Growing Up.

Only when we flourish and bloom in cheerfulness and strength,
will we truly discover who we are.

Let us all aim for authenticity,
and long visions forward.

Let us reject that which marks as as poor or unintelligent,
and aim to reformat and restructure whatever that is.

Let us create a global culture of Citizens of The World,
who aim to converge on Wisdom and World Peace.

From the intergalactic geologic time perspective,
this is our first rodeo.

Let us not cling to Humanity's mistakes,
and move forward towards a better more authentic, and wiser world.