This Is Your World
This Is Your World

Tuesday • December 22nd 2020 • 7:46:20 pm

This Is Your World

Tuesday • December 22nd 2020 • 7:46:20 pm

Learn and make haste slowly,

examine life in search for wisdom.

When someone pulls you,

stand your ground.

When someone frightens you,


You will find no answers,

except, for one place.

Call it the Library,

Books, Video Lectures, or Audio Books.

The only people that deliver Components of Wisdom,

are the authors of top selling non-fiction.

Schools and Nations,

are overwhelmed.

Clogged with uneducated pretenders,

incapable of vision.

They proclaim World Peace,

to be stupid.

And parade Mutually Assured Destruction,


Grow strong and free,

and learn to no end.

Nobody is coming,

to deliver wisdom unto you.


have to go get the books yourself.

Do not wait,

your knowledge dictates all your decisions.

There are too many liars,

too much mediocrity.

Too much hidden in plain sight,

beneath a shroud of inaction.

The quest for World Peace,

is in your hands now.

The Great Search for Wisdom and Greatness,

awaits you.


do not delay.

For you are meant to become

a Great Being.

You are to lead the change,

the little ones will soon hope for.

In an incomplete world,

we can't rest.

Rise for Education, Truth, Peace,

Equality, Freedom and Justice.

The future now begs that all children

are taught to become Great Beings.

May the World grow,

with Knowledge, Love, Wisdom, and Foresight.