A Tiny Music Programming Idea
A Tiny Music Programming Idea

Monday • June 20th 2022 • 5:56:40 pm

A Tiny Music Programming Idea

Monday • June 20th 2022 • 5:56:40 pm

For a while now I have been noticing the delay/echo effect in songs,
it was Giorgio Moroder that helped me hear it first.

He actually called out for it, at one of his performances,
I never used a delay effect, prior to hearing that.

I was replicating it with 16th notes,
but it never quite worked.

Even in the beginning when he first says,
"Danny, give me a click" it is a deeply complex sound.

It is not a click,
not; a click.

If your mouse made that click,
then you'd probably need earplugs.

I bet all the songs are using reverb and delay, and echo;
and a range of things that multiply the sound waves.

I tested it in lmms,
and the sound is powerful and, well... full.

and lmms has a range of echo, delay, and reverb effects,
but something seemed a bit off.

I guess, I am jealous of all the fancy instruments,
even though I wouldn't know how to use them.

I took a moment,
to search for an alternative to lmms.

And I found an open source program called MusE,
the current 4.0 version got a face lift.

And I was able to make some drum sounds,
before you use the drum track, you have to define your samples (or sound files).

Even though I feel that composition in MusE is something important to research,
I set it aside for a tiny moment and turned to programming.

I went back to the part where Giorgio Moroder mentions his notes,
and Alba Ecstasy mentiones Ping Pong Delay.

And I wrote the tiniest bit of code to frame both, by mans of Tone.js,
you can hear it play Giorgio's three notes with Ping Pong Delay at https://catpea.github.io/berliner/

It is not a song, it is just 3 notes,
but they sound really good because of that ping pong delay.

Tone.js is a layer on top of Web Audio which is a program based on trees of nodes, or graphs,
it should integrate quite well with Rete, The JavaScript framework for visual programming.

It would be quite easy to introduce Tidal music notation,
it is a nice project to learn programming with.

I think Berlin School Techno,
would be neat to explore with a combination of Tone and Rete.

The Berlin School Techno,
Visual Programming Language.

Personally and in closing, I have a lot more to learn about Computer Music,
before I sit down to writing such marvels.

I feel I have to study the history of Electronic music some more,
there are many more musical treasures and fancy ideas to be discovered.

Earlier in the day I was thinking how music more than anything else,
paints a beautiful picture of humanity.

There are no limits here,
no borders.