Rising Above
Rising Above

Saturday • May 29th 2021 • 8:00:40 pm

Rising Above

Saturday • May 29th 2021 • 8:00:40 pm

No, you are not immune to the effects of indoctrination,

the more you climb the more you discover, sometimes it is your own false beliefs, other times it is more of other people's false beliefs.

Schools are not working,

they might not have ever worked.

They are hurting the students,

they are robbing them of their Unique Greatness.

Nobody is being taught,

what children and students do learn, they learn out of their own brilliance, they learn by standing up against what the schools are trying to process them into.

You are not supposed to go to work tired,

you are not allowed to live overworked.

Unless your Alarm Clock awakens you to lovely foolish things,

you are not supposed to own one.

You deserve a Beautiful Life,

your life should be beautiful to you, and beautiful to to others as they glance it.

It is not supposed to be making you tired,

it is supposed to make you brilliant.

Your life is supposed to be shaping you into an inspiration,

for others to follow.

You are not allowed to sacrifice yourself for others,

your life is equally as sacred, as all other life.

I know what you are thinking,

but what I am telling you, is that it is a false belief.

You may die in battle,

but you may not die in sacrifice.

You are not supposed to listen when people tell you to do something,

you are supposed to choose your own path.

Those people are not just strangers, managers, bosses,

but they are also your family, your parents and siblings.

If your dad wants you to become a lawyer,

tell him to get a second job, and become one himself.

You become who you want to become,

because your life is your own, and it is sacred.

And when your parents tell you to become someone,

they are simply forgetting how sacred and precious your life is.

If you want to be a Ballerina,

go get a TuTu.

And if you just want to retire at 16 and become a Beach Bum,

I highly recommend Bill Bryson Audio-books...

because being called to this path...

will have you become a Philosopher, Poet, Writer, Critic, and a Great Thinker, and goodness knows the Tigers Need You.

And you may know this one already,

money is broken.

Before you get a job,

before you start putting savings aside.

You need to see how many is working,

you have to consider how many people are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

You have to consider concepts like Civil Forfeiture,

and Paid Medical Care, and even Paid Education, which encompass Unforgivable (by bankruptcy) Student Debt.

And that is just the first part of it,

because as a Human Being, you have to frame it in the context of the entire humanity.

Ask yourself what will it be like to be a well-to-do dentist,

pulling teeth of your poverty stricken patients, where you could try to save them, if they had hopes of being able to afford the procedure.

Ask your self what will it be like to become a Police Officer,

in a precinct where hurting the people you are supposed to protect is tolerated, if not encouraged.

And hurting may include striking their head which is likely to cause permanent damage,

and you will be encouraged to stretch testimony and force people to perjure themselves, and probably as a matter of training and routine.

"Do you know what you did wrong?"

What will it be like to be an Attorney, Judge, or Persecutor during mass incarceration punishing people already punished by poverty,

what will you do when the Human Rights Day comes around, and you realize that you simply can't help but to be part of the problem.

Also consider the alternative, a combination of the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails,

combined with a countless number of small companies that one by one, will teach you how to succeed, and perhaps give employment to your family as well.

Today, Humanity still lacks the Intelligence and Will to repair the money problem,

that is part of the reason why you just can't get a job to make your parents happy.

Money is not meant to hold Humanity Back,

it is supposed to help us grow.

The longer we wait to repair this invisible problem,

the more needless suffering our Noble and Brilliant Sisters and Brothers will undergo.

The Universe bows to you,

all the future generations bow to you, and with love and understanding, and in, gratitude.

Even if all you do, is think about it,

and notice it, perhaps hope to fix it.

The moment you do something that will touch and help the Humanity of the Future,

they will all come to visit you, in their thoughts, and appreciation.

The changes that are needed,

require billions of Great Minds working together across multiple generations.

I believe,

You are one of those Great Minds.


a Great Being,