Fix Education; Or, On The Subject Of A Peaceful And Stronger World
Fix Education; Or, On The Subject Of A Peaceful And Stronger World

Wednesday • May 4th 2022 • 9:32:49 pm

Fix Education; Or, On The Subject Of A Peaceful And Stronger World

Wednesday • May 4th 2022 • 9:32:49 pm

Your first and foremost obstacle is the liar,
also sometimes called an evil person, or hacker in the vile sense.

Above all know that the lairs do what they do,
out of illness; their minds have long unraveled.

We may speak of how they want treasures,
or how they wish to be remembered by history.

But that is just our projection to account for their evil,
their evil has no logic.

No more logic,
than a hunger for more pleasure they get from more evil and corruption.

In their minds they believe they are multiplying their power,
by not playing by the rules - but they are just hollow.

They hate life, they don't understand it,
and stepping on other peoples heads gives them something to do.

While we build cities,
the liars drive corruption into them.

And when we corner the rats,
they will tear the cities down entirely.

This is a story as old,
as humanity it self.

And even this story,
is never told without lies.

Each retelling,
has another liar slithering in between the pages of history.

Liars use multiple steps,
which blur and hide their true intentions.

And sometimes bury their evil,
in plausible deniability.

They can also spreed their misery organically,
like a slime, growing where it is merely most advantageous.

They rob banks, or pinch pennies of the poor,
simple because that is where the money is.

For example any and all attacks at the modern world, human rights, or the undoing of good ideas,
is simply is a cheap voter grab.

Liars are saying things that are opposite to progress,
to gather up uneducated voters on the opposing side - that is all.

They are tapping into the opposition,
and merely using it to slither into politics.

This it will be obscured,
by them taking advantage of random things along the way.

Randomly emerging communities,
randomly occurring events during their manipulations.

That liars are successful,
depends on mislead or uneducated voters.

And uneducated voters,
are a product of ineffective schools.

Fantasy education, or any kind of in-authenticity,
is the fuel of a liar.

It fuels those who seek to be elected,
and those who prefer to slither in darkness.

Historically where we aimed for Love and Peace,
liars, simply manufactured, enemies and war.

The lairs attack our foundation,
the places that we have long risen above.

Like the world of uneducated people,
or those who are swayed by imaginary creatures with superpowers.

Know, this, for all the canvas attacked with razor blades and fire,
or in ways that even the best colors cannot mend.

Those who have risen,
would always rebuild.

The masterpiece would always get repainted from scratch,
and the creator would never sink down to the liar’s tactics.

Those who rise,
rise to bring joy to the world.

Nobody is born a liar,
it is a state that a desperate or broken person is pressed into.

Liars should be prevented from existing,
in the first place.

That is why, we need to learn for real,
why we must aim for Knowledge, Wisdom and Greatness for all.

Well educated voters and politicians,
will swiftly put an end to poverty, and war.

Eventually in your collective wisdom,
you will create a world of politics that cleverly denies, the liar or dictator any and all entry.