The Stylist
The Stylist

Sunday • February 5th 2023 • 12:02:20 pm

The Stylist

Sunday • February 5th 2023 • 12:02:20 pm

Cai Guo-Qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang “The Making of Odyssey”

The Explosive Genius of Cai Guo-Qiang | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 30

Chinese artist Cai Guoqiang paints the sky with fireworks in Florence

Acrylic Paint and Balloons

Amazing Peach and Plum Balloon Dip Technique Painting ❤️

5 Amazing and Unique Acrylic Abstract Pour Paintings - Balloon Smash Technique - Acrylic Pouring

Happy new year! Reverse Dip Technique with wet napkin

My First Attempt At A Resin Rose Using The 3D Bloom Technique (See Ending)

New Bottle Decoration Using Balloon/Balloon Bottle Craft/Bottle Art Idea/Balloon Hack

How An Artist Creates 3D-Looking Balloons With Graffiti

Mural Art


5 Things to Know Before Getting into Painting Murals & Street Art

How $150,000 Hyperrealistic Murals Come To Life

Neon Splatter

Blue Man Group Paint Drum in NEON LIGHTS

How A Street Artist Creates Fake Neon Lights With Spray Paint (Neat explanation)

Creating Fake Neon Signs With Spray Paint | Master Craft

Galaxy Art

Simple Galaxy Painting Demo / Easy For Beginners / Relaxing

How to Draw Galaxy

Galaxy Resin: SUPER GORGEOUS with gold gilding flakes and glow effects!

Do you have a dishwasher sponge? Easy way to make an acrylic galaxy painting for beginners

Eternal Galaxy - SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech

Ink Line and Wash

How to paint - Coffee Cup in watercolor - Line & Ink Wash

Pen & Ink Landscape, Line & Wash on Toned Gray Paper + Lots of Beginner Tips

Ink Line over Wash Watercolor Landscape. Quick. Simple. Satisfying. Walnut Ink & Fountain Pen.

How to use a Fineliner applicator to write on wet paint

Knitted/Yarn Creatures

From socks I sewed a soft toy of a Lop-eared cat ❤️

Diy Cute Cats Yarn Pom Pom

Easy way to make a Cute Yarn Cat

Knitted Amigurumi Pets with Fiona Goble

How to Knit a BUNNY from a SQUARE | Easy for Beginning Knitters


Venetian Mask

Behind The Art Of Venetian Mask Makers | Jetset Times

Venetian making masks - Carnival of Venice - tutorial hd

Venice Masks MasterClass by expert mask maker Gualtiero Dall'Osto

Dragon Art

One stroke dragon painting in GhostIsland

【八代亜紀が突然来店】日光一筆龍 高瀬 昼めし旅 H29.6放送 Nikko One-stroke Dragon TV

Wood Carving Dragon| To use technic of Japanese traditional wood carving

Abstract Art

What Is Abstract Art?

Basic Designs in Abstract Art

Becoming an Artist: Yayoi Kusama I Tate Kids

The Turbulent Life Of Pablo Picasso

How to paint like Picasso. (Speed paint + Tutorial)


What is Cubism? Art Movements & Styles

How to Draw Cubism Art

Abstract Painting Techniques with Acrylic | How to Paint with Masking Tape | Beginners Tutorial


Introduction to Modernism

Modernism: WTF? An introduction to Modernism in art and literature

Postmodernism: WTF? An introduction to Postmodernist Theory | Tom Nicholas

Why Modern Art Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Wood Carving

Ornament Wood Carving: How to make a Leaves Wooden Ornament. Carved wood shelf. time lapse.

wood carving ornament

Wood carving ornament. Linden wood.

Metal Carving

Artist in Steel. John Farman. Engraver of Fine English Sporting Guns

How To Engrave Metal With A Dremel Or ANY Rotary Tool

How to - Make an Engraving Chisel and Scroll Design... and some Engraving too

Etching Bronze Brass and Copper - Edinburgh Etch - PNP Blue Paper

How to ETCH stuff into metal! (Brass, Copper, Steel) DIY Metal Etching

Kintsugi Imperfection

The Art of Kintsugi

Kintsugi Repair, Learn How Is It Made? Materials Used Process Instructions

The Unknown Master of Restoration

Tarot Deck Design Challenge

Use Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, or Midjourney to create a Tarot Deck and ChatGPT to create an instruction booklet.

Designing a Tarot Card

The Handmade Art of Tarot Cards

Designing A Tarot Card. Tutorial!

How I created my Tarot and oracle deck + Tips

Hearts eye oracle deck by Olivia Rose (close up)

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