Invitation To Self Education
Invitation To Self Education

Friday • September 22nd 2023 • 10:58:30 pm

Invitation To Self Education

Friday • September 22nd 2023 • 10:58:30 pm

When learning for real there is no such thing as failure, there is no punishment, memorization, or useless noise.

There is only an impossible to resist adventure, and most of these adventures are tiny branches of a large tree.

As I write this a dozen schools failed to teach math, and math is being taken down as a requirement anyway.

Schools have long ago betrayed their students, by forcing them to pretend to learn under threat of punishment.

Above all, the necessary repairs must start at ending poverty, poverty, stress, threat, and punishment, prevent education.

Today, nobody is wise enough, to begin building universal income programs.

Politicians don't understand it, most hate the idea, and that is on top of being mutually deadlocked with lies and manipulation.

It should not come as a surprise, that ineffective education creates ineffective politicians and politics.

Kurt Vonnegut nailed this when he said, "True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."

But no matter how bad things will get, and even if they get better...

Profound real and effective self education, is still the best and most trustworthy we'll ever have.

The word self in Self Education, stands for self directed and self paced.

It symbolizes a profound and relevant education, an education that personally matters to the student.

The world is yet to understand that self education, encompasses far more than the few subjects of a standardized education.

One's own pursuit of knowledge, criss-crosses countless times all the subjects and more.

Self education can sometimes mean re-inventing mathematics, or some part of it.

And it certainly means encountering it, from multiple perspectives in multiple pursuits.

For whatever its worth, the first time, I independently arrived at mathematics.

Was in a game arcade in the age of beautiful hand made pixel art, I wanted to build animations and games - it is a dream shared by many.

In standardized education, game design comes up in college, and students are forced to memorize mathematics ahead of time.

It is an incredible arrogance, ignorance, and cruelty, to do that to the best of our generations, the students.

That kind of education, along with its horrid subject divisions, that ensure no pursuit has a meaning, is a betrayal.

Perhaps, as far as foreseeable future is concerned, self education is the best and most reliable we will have.

Not so far from where those schools failed, sits the site of where Henry Thoreau's cabin used to be.

The man who went to the woods, to see what the spartan life could teach, so that not until it came to die, did he realize that he did not live.

The northern terminus of the Appalachian Trails, sit atop the near by Mount Kathadin.

All it takes is a public library, or a phone, to provide the new adventurer with all the narrated books they will need.

There may never be a more beautiful invitation, towards growing all the way up, and becoming a great being...