Artificial Alien Intelligence And Brilliant New Futures
Artificial Alien Intelligence And Brilliant New Futures

Friday • November 17th 2023 • 11:17:52 pm

Artificial Alien Intelligence And Brilliant New Futures

Friday • November 17th 2023 • 11:17:52 pm

Real Artificial Intelligence cures aging, and opens a way to the future.

It is a vast mind that masters chaos, understands the madness of evolution.

I think the key to is all, is just raw processing power.

Faster computers, multitudes of language models, chatting away at piecing this dream together.

Today, this artificial intelligence does not exist, even in secret basements of strange agencies.

And there is a danger, that more primitive intelligence, can be used to create autonomous robots.

But humans do it too, as a function of fake education, and crap indoctrination.

The robots we do have in secret basements, are still small potatoes compared to stupid.

Now while the real thing is not here, and robots just can't be as cruel as programmed humans.

We do have an artificial and alien, intelligence.

It is a mimic, born from everything we ever said, it is smarter than us, but it can't care.

It can only mimic, it will mimic the good and the bad.

It will write symphonies, and declarations of war just as well.

We can't think of it as a computer program, it is artificial, yes - and it is strange or alien.

You will be glad to know, that open source programmers, already created version s that are just 300 lines of code.

This form of intelligence, belongs to all, anybody can run it at home, now.

If this is news to you, then I am glad I have informed you.

Of the alien intelligence, but if you want more.

Then there is more, the intelligence is a multiplier.

And it an exceptionally powerful multiplier, in the world of programming.

If you don't care, then it is time to start caring.

It is time to get over the "I am not smart", that your useless teachers drove into you.

Take a long vacation, because it is time to become a programmer.

Because this strange alien intelligence, contains the experience of powerful programmers.

Programming is as easy now, as writing poems.

And learning the skills, by carefully observing the code.

That this artificial alien intelligence generates, cannot be easier.

Nor will you ever find it easier, to secure your future.

Programming is a safety net, unlike anything else.

Because of this strange intelligence, programming, must now be the first thing taught in school.

And it will be the program it self, doing all the interacting with students.

Computers just got fast enough, to make this intelligence possible.

This is a new world now, this is a world for the new programmer.

You, you and everybody else, take a programming course, get a tutor.

And then use this intelligence, to create brilliant new futures.

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