You Must Become A Philosopher; Or, To Reject Philosophy Is To Reject Your Elder Self
You Must Become A Philosopher; Or, To Reject Philosophy Is To Reject Your Elder Self

Thursday • February 8th 2024 • 11:49:36 pm

You Must Become A Philosopher; Or, To Reject Philosophy Is To Reject Your Elder Self

Thursday • February 8th 2024 • 11:49:36 pm

Avoid standardized philosophy, as is has been drained of life, and neutered to make you weak, and old.

Your teachers have sold the world to put food on their table, you will have to learn on your own.

There are many things crafted and evolved to drain you, including ones you think you want.

Where fame is clearly bought and staged, and played over and over until it sticks.

And you self medicate what you have been scared with, war, poverty, lies.

Like the High School class politicians go through fads, sometimes the leader is a puppet and only the staffers lead.

Sometimes the fads make political cults, and politicians will end up believing.

That making everyone poor on purpose, is a wise way to repair ineffective education.

Where you are made to struggle and endure, and find a way to rise, and presumably join their creepy ghoul club.

These things are not designed with a diagram in hand, they are grown out of chaos, opportunity, culture, and the spirit of times.

For example, if enough people believe that there is such a thing as THEY, or a ruling elite, rather than the conspiracy of spoiled fools.

Then an abscess is created, the room for "THEY", and whoever they are, they will fill that pocket.

And use whatever rights you imagined, they already had.

The complexity of our world is grown, the way a cell grows, or the way the body ages.

Processes sneaking into rooms, created by other processes, until there is no room left.

Until nothing new can be added, only the old repainted.

This is why schools appear to function, but the education is ineffective.

It is why it is too hard to untangle it all, and when you look back at the results is is too late to change anything.

Schools have been grown process by process to strip-mine, the hopeful students of their savings.

In return, if they work hard, they will get a way to make more than they put in.

Work hard, means self education.

And self education is best when it is not ran by fools, that sold the world for prestige and profits.

You will not get a diploma, no, all you will get is an understanding...

That will help you add, to the effort of repairing it all.

Building schools, that redefine the future of human kind.

Route, it around war, and towards a culture of wisdom and greatness.

A culture, that abandons all bad ideas to history.

You don't get a diploma, because that world is yet to be built.

Today what we have, are fantasies of high achievement.

To get to the real things, we have to fix education.

Not just the way knowledge is presented, but its reach.

For humanity to advance without the threat of war, all of us must get a powerful and meaningful education.

A task that demands safety and security, a student travel program where no student fears their poverty

The closest we have today to a real school, are the three great trails known as Triple Crown.

The Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trails.

You sleep under the stars, with your first thousand books, playing and re-playing in your ears.

Transporting your intellectual inheritance, from paper storage made my great beings.

Into your mind, so that you may create more wisdom.

And grow all the way up, until you too become a great being.

Get up, you are not a worker, you are not a wage slave, you are not unintelligent, you are not slow, you are not less than somebody else.

You are meant to seek Great Knowledge, and Great Adventure, inherit your wisdom, and rise.

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