To The Men Who Sold The World
To The Men Who Sold The World

Tuesday • September 22nd 2020 • 7:59:27 pm

To The Men Who Sold The World

Tuesday • September 22nd 2020 • 7:59:27 pm

Elementary Schools are still a Dream,

perhaps the most beautiful Achievement of Human Kind.

Before mandatory education people didn't think poor kids could learn,

people didn't want poor kids to learn.

But we did it,

we did it, it worked.

It will always work,

we learn to write, to read, numbers.

And multiplication, here is when teachers make the mistake of memorization,

where they look down on the ability to create a multiplication table,

a delayed addition lookup table.

Here, a new kind of memorization begins,

the kind that destroy our climate, our health, our very humanity.

The moment, the teacher, says, MEMORIZE,

they are now working on getting paid.

This is where school breaks down,

where it all falls apart.

In the worst way, now, a lookup table, is a shameful cheat-sheet, it becomes a D+ or a 2+ and it stains,

and it shows up in College papers, all the papers, all the worthless papers.

And this would be fine, except it stains our minds as well,

because deep down we believe even in the worst teachers.

And that belief, in that memorization grade charade,

digs into us, and books start feeling optional, and math useless.

Children grow up without faith in Education and Knowledge,

they don't believe in the Power of Wisdom, and Noble Teachers and Guardians.

They are still geniuses, powerfully smart, but the betterment of Humanity,

is not the aim, the aim is to prove that they can do whatever it is.

And we lose a child, a student, and gain something else.

The teachers, sold the world,

for a small paycheck.

We can fix this.

First of all, your grades were nonsense,

all the things you couldn't memorize well enough were not a judgment of your intelligence,

it was a judgment of how well you perform circus tricks, how deep your faith in teachers.

You were a Genius,

we all are, there is no anomaly that grans us magical brains,

it is a function of NOT MEMORIZING, and looking at how the formulas were invented.

You master match by studying its history,

not by memorizing formulas.

Imagine what would happen to Newton,

if he only memorized formulas.

Imagine reading a foreign storybook that way,

just memorizing pronunciation of word after word without learning the language first.

The language for Mathematics is not numbers,

it is love of Universe, of Complexity, search for answers,

gaining insight into the working of the universe, by subtle analogy to the simplified mechanics behind mathematics.

It is a lovely, but primitive language that can be brought to life with computers,

programming, game development, even design.

Past a certain point, people didn't know how to teach,

so they used memorization, out of desperation.

Memorization temporarily acts like learning, knowing,

the effects wear off in days, where knowledge is the foundation of the heights we reach.

Grades are fake,

you go tricked,

sold for a paycheck.

Most of the sciences are learned by studying their history,

there is no memorization, there is no memorization, there is no memorization.

Just beautiful little notes, journals, lookup tables,

including the multiplication table, but also all the tables you invent.

We are all geniuses,

some take the easy road, and lie, and trick, and manipulate, and pretend, and try to fake it until they make it.


try to make money, keep bringing a paycheck home, keep lying, get the funding, lower the test standards, process the kids so that all get paid.

We are vulnerable this way,

we tend to believe people in authority.

Even the ones that reject it,

also reject the idea that they are smart.

A mind that rejects memorization in favor of integrity, or authenticity,

shows beauty, shows a love of life.

Genius is just the beginning,

past the Sweet Elementary that I know we all love, we only have books.

There is a lot of Audio Books, a Lot of Mighty Lectures,

but you have to reach out for that.

To do that,

you can't just hear me saying it;

You have to believe that You were a Genius All Along,

it was just some desperate pretenders along the way trying to put food on their table that tricked you.

I know how to help you regain Faith in Education,

I want you to begin at Concord, Massachusetts, Walden Pond.

I want you, I command you to go see Henry,

go now it matters not that it is not Spring.

You will go back to greet him many times,

go see Henry, at the Walden Pond.

Take a rock, from where you are at right now,

and add it to the pile that's already there.

Thoreau, in return will help you slow down,

and calm down, he will help you come to a speed that's necessary for audio books.

You are going to go to England soon,

you are headed for Westminster Abbey.

You are going to visit Sir Isaac.

he will help you understand that Knowledge comes from within.

Take a long time to listen,

understand that you are more than a genius,

you are a creator.

With the Insight granted by Sir Isaac Newton,

and the Peace and Calm bestowed upon you by Henry David Thoreau.

You will find your beginning anew,

you will return to the point where you got tricked into thinking that you are not a genius.

And finally,

let your journey begin at Springer Mountain in Georgia, or Mount Katahdin in Maine,

the others need help, they need to accept the responsibility for their own self education as well.

Please, take many years to section hike the Appalachian Trail,

here Mother Nature and The Kindness of Strangers, and Trail Magic will be your teacher.

Listen, Read, and Write.

Write to get to know yourself, write to figure out the best way to learn,

write to inspire a generation after a generation to make it to their rightful place, as Genius and Creator.

Together We Can Fix It All.