Towards Convergence
Towards Convergence

Sunday • November 29th 2020 • 11:27:12 pm

Towards Convergence

Sunday • November 29th 2020 • 11:27:12 pm

Do you remember wondering about becoming an adult?

wanting to be done with this dumb kid stuff and have Ice Cream... even in winter.

Just being half pint is not that big of a deal,

it is the not knowing, what adults know, that's the hard part.

For some of us this is a book, or a manual, or the mystery of philosophy,

but what we are actually trying to picture is... Wisdom.

Even as babies we know that wisdom separates a child from an adult,

it isn't just about growing older, anybody can just age, it is about Wisdom.

Much of Wisdom comes from inheriting lifetimes of knowledge from books,

the problem here is, that it is only one in ten books that will connect with us.

When we stop on the ninth book,

we also stop growing up.

Standing still cuts Humanity with borders,

in the face of lack of wisdom we fall to self-deception, or fantasy.

And the first thing that deception and fantasy needs is reinforcement,

in desperation to make it as real as possible, we utter that horrible curse:

"Mine is better than yours",

Be it color of skin, name of god, or country,

only more divisions will follow.

We divide in politics, medicine, neighborhood, opinions, rarity of cars, price of clothes,

and sometimes even the price of shoes, and whether or not we can really afford them.

Without wisdom, Humanity's collective vision becomes unclear,

and we begin moving in different directions, divided we will never find Peace.

Let us take to wisdom, let us return to searching for beautiful books and adventures,

may we grow, and converge on wisdom in our magnificent uniqueness.

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