The Great World
The Great World

Monday • January 15th 2024 • 11:38:17 pm

The Great World

Monday • January 15th 2024 • 11:38:17 pm

"Because we take active measures to create those things, we don’t measure the input and output of a function to make predication.

We design, and program the function, here, we know where we are going as we actively set the aim."

Some ideas, will turn out not to be accurate, that is just how learning and advancing understanding works.

You come to a point where you realize, solid new knowledge indicates a change of course.

Economy, World Banking, daring concepts like Wage Slavery, may need to shift.

Sometimes because some premise was wrong, or new discoveries and ideas revealed new paths.

Or just because, world is growing, developing, and in some places suffering, and that changes thing over time.

The more daring ideas, tend to be more complex, and the more moving parts means more likelihood of failure.

Will there ever come a day, where universal basic income will be seen as destructive.

It is not impossible, because something better may cone into existence.

Generically engineered organisms, brain writing technologies, molecular printers are just some wild ideas that would drastically change things.

We know that things that shift, are not always as important as those that remain constant.

At the very least, the constants, come above all.

Often exiting indoctrination, begins with asking: “What if I was born to a different family”.

And the person notes, that what changes is not as important as that which remains the same.

Their uniqueness, and personality, the things they always likes, are more precious than what is impressed upon them by whatever they are born into.

In the broader context of understanding the world, the theories that change are not as important as that which remains unchanged.

And there is no creature in the world, not now, not in the future.

Will honestly say, on a beautiful day, with all their heath still intact say:

“I wish I was small”, “...and easy to manipulate”, “I wish I broke easily”, “and I wish that I didn’t really think for myself”.

Nobody likes taking like this, this is the act of giving up, an act of destruction.

Like wise unless someone is being dramatic and theatrical, no one will ever say.

“I wish I was never cursed with greatness”, “I wish I never read books”, “I wish I never saw breathtaking adventure”.

No one will say this, ever, at all, not on a healthy mind.

Out of billions and billions of minds, each one perfectly irreplaceable and unique.

No one, will ever regret greatness, wisdom, knowledge, adventure.

And I have to underline, that we are deeply unique, no one person, that ever lived or will live, can be replaced with another.

It would bring great shock and pain, to their friends and family, they would recognize that it is a creepy stranger.

All those unique minds, wishing for the same thing; for greatness, wisdom, knowledge.

Finally, look at the impact Knowledge, Wisdom and Greatness has on Humanity, trying to create theories that explain why things are broken.

Gets replaced, with refining methods, that make Humanity better.

Rather than asking, whether or not universal income will destroy economy, the wise humanity, in its greatness.

Builds an economy that is relative to out survival and well being, on planet Earth.

An economy that encourages authentic education, meaningful wisdom, profound greatness…

And thus; meaningful contributions, that further help to advance Human kind.

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