New Internet
New Internet

Saturday • May 20th 2023 • 11:11:35 pm

New Internet

Saturday • May 20th 2023 • 11:11:35 pm

The new internet will be less exiting than everyone thinks, but it will be stronger, and more resilient.

With the rise of AI, internet can be brought home, and made safer and more reliable.

The old internet will still be there, but the new one will be much more uncluttered, friendly, and accessible.

It seems like the internet has evolved, but the companies behind it all were just selling ads.

The programming tools and technologies have improved, and that means…

While big corporations were penny pinching, the internet users grew in capability.

Not so long ago it was very hard to help users program, but now with technologies like Svelte and libraries like Svelvet it is possible.

Like all revolutions, this revolution begins by handing power to the people.

This will also include greatly increased data privacy, as the new internet is about downloading everything first.

Advertisers and similar parasites, will not be able to piggy back on your memes.

To extract your interests and build up a profile, if you download, all the memes.

You don’t have to look at hem all, it is just how the new internet will work.

You will need a big hard drive, and get a copy.

Connected to the internet or not, you will always have that copy.

This wont' be just a raw copy of the internet, but a very neat and uniform collection of information.

Extracted by custom tools, and with the help of AI.

A good example of such a data library, is the stuff modern AI was trained on.

You just download it, or order a drive, to help your neighbors grab a copy.

And then, keep it updated.

These updates need to be custom, and swift, and reliable and rich.

The new internet comes with software robots, that you control both via talking to them.

And using programs like NodeRED or application that libraries like svelvet can help develop.

Like the leading search engines, that just got replaced by AI.

You will have your own AI, that runs at home and functions like a search engine.

Like the leading search engines, you will be programming web spiders…

To crawl whatever parts of internet, interest you.

If you are concerned about legal matters, if search companies can do it, so can you.

You can’t make a public website out of it, but you can view your copy at home.

How will all this look like on an average day, you will be always connected…

But since you are downloading everything, your profiling will stop, it will just look like noise.

When you come home, you will be greeted by, dashboards that will tell you what is being spidered.

How much of the internet you have left to copy, and what the interned babble is all about for that particular day.

To be clear, not everyone will keep a copy of the internet, but people will be downloading and updating the parts that they value.

Consider learning programming, a lot of new privacy minded software will be needed.

And of course, a collection of chart-rooms, but this time distributed, not centralized.

Here gun the database is a nice case study, showing how information that is copied by can still be secure.

The sooner you begin writing dashboards, spider, and intra-net, the more likley your success.

Don't delay start learning about the JavaScript ecosystem, today.