Life After AI; Or, Eternal Living, Forever Young
Life After AI; Or, Eternal Living, Forever Young

Tuesday • December 19th 2023 • 11:48:58 pm

Life After AI; Or, Eternal Living, Forever Young

Tuesday • December 19th 2023 • 11:48:58 pm

Today, we have some medication, that can extend the life of large dogs.

And we can clone pets and horses, by preserving their DNA.

Humans of course have already used medicine, to extend their lives.

And cloning is crazy, unless, you can clone just the compatible organs.

For example, a replacement heart, that will not be rejected by the body, at all.

Out on the edge, some people, have paid to be cryogenically frozen.

The technology to bring them back, does not exist, today, but it will someday.

These people passed away, unafraid and hopeful.

Not in the religious way, in a realistic way.

In fact religions will get in the way, of life extension technologies.

Now is the age, to reconsider teaching fantasy.

As many science fiction movies show, religious indoctrination…

May trick a person away from actual life extension, and thus have them end their life prematurely.

Artificial intelligence today, exists, it is there, but it is very faint.

There is real intelligence beneath the theatrics, of language models.

But not because it has been engineered, or has emerged out of chaos, like life.

But rather, it is a copy of our collective intelligence.

However faint it is compared to strong AI, a little bit is enough o grow with.

We are almost there, we are.

But we didn’t start by inventing AI, we just copied our intelligence into the computer.

The next version, will be made by that initial copy.

It will be more, we just needed a seed.

As is right this moment, the intelligence that we do have.

Can synthesize you, based on your writings.

That means, if you write enough, that text can seed a tiny version of you.

Ten generations down the road, your grand kids will get a feeling of who you are.

It does not matter if you hate the idea, or laugh at the notion of calling language models intelligent.

Your text, will bring you back enough, for kids of the future, to get to know you in person.

And your photos and your voice, will make for a talking picture frame.

A young lady, who is one of your distant descendants.

May have some luck using your advice, and she will befriend you.

She will want to keep the digital copy of you, because she just loves your advice.

You know how kids are, she’ll just keep you forever as her wise gand^10 relative.

But what we need, is medicine, that like that dog drug, just prolongs life, on top of medicine.

First, 25 years, where we will see hundred year old everywhere, then 75 years, with cellular de-aging, on top of that 25.

Average lifespan of humans that stick with the therapy will then be, 175 years.

That extra hundred years, puts us in a future, as different from today...

As dusty whiskey drinking cowboys, are from pocket protector programmers.

There will be real AI then, though probably much sooner, and it will be smart enough to untangle the chaos of the human body.

Today’s medicine, is hit and miss, it is simply developed by testing compounds on humans.

When it was discovered that a pill helped with alleviating with allergies, though unfortunately at the cost of making people drowsy.

That same pill, was sold, probably under a different name, as sleep aid medicine.

So we test a thing, look at what effects and side effects it has, and we sell variations of effects and side effects.

What is imperfect for one individual, can help to treat the problems of another, whose body will be in a different state.

I was once told by a professional that they have a pill for everything, I disagree, but I see how they can believe that.

The pill of everything, is going to be carefully crafted, by an artificial intelligence.

It will not be conscious, it won’t be happy, it will just do the job well, and design proper medicine.

There are plenty of other problems that will be solved, you will not understand them today.

That is why you are skeptical, right now.

But you are stuck in the past, and in closing I will show you what it is like to be stuck in the past.

The advancement, will arrive via parallel processing, that is headed towards us is moving magnitudes faster than speed of light.

It will address famine, and war, and biological and chemical weapons, military leaders will become very different, and jobless.

It will address food shortages, and no, it will taste better than a single cell protein with synthetic amino.

There will be no pandemics, no sickness.

There will be a new computer device, that will aid with learning, and very quickly so.

It won’t rewrite your personality, or trap you in an invisible prison, but yes, you will know Kung-Fu.

Finally, here is where you are at today, why you can’t quite see what is coming our way.

(And I mean towards us, today’s generations, AI moves faster than we can predict.)

This here is a famous quote by a car inventor, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

The changes will not be improvements to what we are familiar with today, like people a hundred years ago were familiar with horses.

They will come in the shape of technologies, that most of us are unfamiliar with, just like most people were unfamiliar with the car at first.

Lastly, it is important that you recognize the speed difference, the change will no come on the assembly line, at the speed of hands.

The change will come, at super luminal speeds, parallel processors making the AI happen.

In weeks, in months, in years, probably less than a decade, maybe in months.

It won’t be the horses, don’t think about he horses, and smart phones, think about the sci-fi stuff, because it will be a combination of that.

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