Programming: The Most Powerful Thing You Can Learn
Programming: The Most Powerful Thing You Can Learn

Monday • November 27th 2023 • 11:39:48 pm

Programming: The Most Powerful Thing You Can Learn

Monday • November 27th 2023 • 11:39:48 pm

There are two very unusual parts, to entering the world of programming.

One, programming is self correcting, and teaches you how to learn and what real education is.

And the second part, you just stop being scared of poverty.

Of becoming hungry, or homeless, or lost, or lonely, or worthless.

How is programming self correcting, your program won’t work if you don’t understand something.

Even with the aid of AI, you still have to understand and follow the code.

And this act, teaches you more, about how to think, how to write, how others do it.

After a week of of late afternoon of programming, right after school, a beautiful thing happens.

By subtle analogy, from having learned something for real.

You gain the ability, to recognize fake education.

Sitting in the class, listening to the teacher, memorizing for tests…

You simply realize, this is not an education, it is theater, it all make believer, so that the adults get paid.

Whereas, when you are learning on your own, you always walk away with functional knowledge.

With power, of authentic knowledge.

Schools are not just corrupted, and infested by men who sold the world.

They can’t work, because everything is cut up, and to learn for real, we need a connected and integrated path.

Poverty exists because of errors, because of false leaders, the men who sold the world.

And the with doctors, who seek control, by indoctrinating the trusting, into worlds of convenient fantasy.

Poverty is not designed, it is an emergent property of the dark age, the age of ineffective education.

Universal basic income programs, could work, if everyone had authentic and meaningful education.

So as long as the world is uneducated, or held in the grasp of various indoctrinations, we are stuck.

The nature of Humanity is such, that it is either all of us, on none.

Finally, the children, who learn what authentic education is.

Who, by healthy pursuit of knowledge, alone, cease being susceptible to indoctrination.

Who lose their fear of poverty, are all the hope we have.

Those who learn to recognize authentic knowledge, will take to narrated books, and inherit the wisdom within.

Countless lifetimes of wisdom, some well live, many tragedies, many unfinished paths.

Equipped with these observations, they can only reach one conclusion.

That a human being is meant for greatness, tasked with growing all the way up until they become a great being.

And that, where the main part of life begins, here, we discover our meaning…

Build our contributions, and leave a meaningful legacy; a height for others to begin at.

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