The Great Weight-loss Adventure
The Great Weight-loss Adventure

Friday • July 14th 2023 • 11:23:37 pm

The Great Weight-loss Adventure

Friday • July 14th 2023 • 11:23:37 pm

The key is to practice dance, and enter a hit-every-beat trance.

The first challenge is the hardest, you must use an interval timer to cut out rest.

Resting or music at the wrong speed, can only distract and impede.

What you really need to know, is that a workout must flow.

No sitting, breaks, divisions, interactions, your workout must have no distractions.

And let me be very clear, about what you must hear.

Energy can only come from one source, and it is an infinite force.

It is the beat of drums, as ancient of a secret as it comes.

Dancing! or synchronizing with the beat, will quickly help you become an athlete.

And get this, your body only aches when you stop, so just don’t let the beat drop.

Moreover, the plumper you start, the more your body will turn to art.

Muscles need a challenge, and all that added weight, actually turns out to be pretty great.

Finally, here is a REVOLUTIONARY way to get started, seriously, it is not at all, for the fainthearted.

In order to save and extend your own life, cut off all the plugs to kitchen appliance with a knife.

Do unplug them before starting this revolt, unless, you need a jolt.

Your first challenges are camping, and walking a long trail, and it will become your most magnificent tail to tell.

Drive to the camping store, get all the equipment for this great war.

You will be roasting sausages over a fire, so get a roasting stick made out of thick wire.

Once you get out there, your girth will keep you safe from wild bear.

The only things to worry about, is mosquitoes, your sharp knife, and doubt.

So, get fat bug repellent sticks, and duct tape your pants to keep out ticks.

And, get some eye protection and gloves as a rule, a huge knife a pretty dangerous tool.

And, really, just ignore the doubt, it is something that you have the right to do without.

Yes, this war will be life long, but everyone wants you to be healthy and strong.

Rest assured, if all they do is make you fatter. your plans, career and job just, do not matter,

Your body urgently demands that you rise and rebel, so take to great adventure, and be well.