Grades Are Not A Measure Of Your Worth Or Intelligence
Grades Are Not A Measure Of Your Worth Or Intelligence

Thursday • January 28th 2021 • 9:00:15 pm

Grades Are Not A Measure Of Your Worth Or Intelligence

Thursday • January 28th 2021 • 9:00:15 pm

We have to be really careful with believing in what schools can do for us,

and no matter what we need to accept the responsibility for our own education.

Our knowledge is too sacred,

to entrust somebody else with.

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Learning at your own pace and in the sequence that fits you best,

should give you a really good idea of what real education is like.

We can't sit down in class,

and expect to become wise.

School is great for memorizing language,

and memorizing how to write, and spell.

Because these things are _meant_ to be memorized,

stored within our memory for recall.

But a formula is a little machine,

a little engine, or program.

It must be taken apart,

explained, studied and understood.

The teacher must be able to show you how fascinating it is,

if they can't do that, then they are not a teacher.

If a teacher tricks you into thinking you are just not smart,

that is a setup.

They are kind-of neutralizing you,

preventing you from standing up and saying:

"But you only made us memorize it,

and that is not learning, that is just forcing us into acting like we have learned.."

They rarely need to go this far, they learn from each other to be cunning,

they will just threaten you with failing the class, if you don't memorize.

When a teacher says "study for the test tomorrow",

that is them encouraging you to memorize it.

To study something requires months and years, journals and research,

to tell you to study for something tomorrow or next week, is an insult.

They are asking you to cram,

to memorize.

This right here is the reason why you need to read books,

these people are making you pretend that you are getting an education, so that they get a paycheck.

And this is completely flying over your head,

you have to be smarter than the teachers.

Even if only to stop stressing about classes and grades,

you have to be good to yourself.

Reading a few dozen books will help you get a better picture of the world,

you'll be able to see that very few things actually work.

And just for that tiny reason alone,

there is no way schools are an exception.


don't let anybody trick you into thinking that you are not smart.

We are all equally intelligent,

and we all greatly enjoy learning and adventure.

Stress, will however prevent you from learning,

because learning requires healthy curiosity and joy of life.

You have to be free to actually to find you path,

and your sequence of curiosities, and slow down to find the pace at which you learn.

Please, if you have bad grades, that just means you are naturally rejecting brainless memorization,

that does not mean you are unintelligent.

That actually means that you find inner-workings of formulas and systems,

delightful and most enlightening.

As we grow more mature, we all develop a tendency to prefer real knowledge over memorized gibberish,

people with bad grades tend to be more mature than those who accept memorization without any discomfort.

If the world did trick you that you are less intelligent than the "smart kids",

you'll be OK, but you can't allow things like this to be happening in your life.

A considerable part of meaning of life,

is to become a Great Being by leaving behind meaningful and lasting contributions to those who come after you.

You can't let people interfere with your education,

or your self esteem, your intelligence, or your well being, those things are sacred.

Please, go to your library and begin listing to all the popular Audio Books,

listen to all the best selling non-fiction, the best sellers usually hold the best wisdom.

Help the others, make sure no other student is tricked into thinking that they aren't smart,

even is they say that they know this, they will still appreciate the reminder.