The Tiny Little Workout
The Tiny Little Workout

Thursday • December 21st 2023 • 11:23:27 pm

The Tiny Little Workout

Thursday • December 21st 2023 • 11:23:27 pm

Music is first and foremost, you can't workout without music.

Think of the beat or drums, as the secret of great armies.

The drummers set the pace, to train the warriors.

Start with the lightest dumbbells, and start lifting and moving to the music.

With song beat and drums in your ear, you will be too distracted to stop.

But don't just listen to music, move along with it, dance.

Invest your body, into the flow.

And don't let your songs get stale, like batteries songs lose energy.

You need to refresh, your playlist often.

If you, just, can't, if people laugh or make you uncomfortable.

Then make dancing your point, tell them you are practicing shuffle dance.

And actually practice, shuffle dancing and cutting shapes.

You have to move to the beat, of the music that you can workout without.

This is psychological trickery, to make you forget about stopping.

You can't stop during exercise, you snooze you lose.

It even looks wrong, imagine yourself in an 80s workout video.

Just walking around, or hanging around the stage.

There you are, having turned a workout machine...

Into a, chair.

There is one exception, to the non-stop rule.

And that is for when, you are just starting out.

You won't be able to go for very long, just like joggers can't go far, at first.

And just like joggers, you have to build up your endurance.

Here, you just need an interval timer.

It will vibrate when you must start moving, and vibrate when you can stop to shake it off.

And you set rest periods, and movement duration your self.

At first try one minute of activity, and then one minute of rest.

Adjust as needed, to fill a full 30 minutes.

When you can go on for 30 minutes, start shortening your rest periods.

And keep going until, you eliminate them.

Just like joggers you will be able to do, 30 minutes non stop.

Again, I highly recommend, dancing with dumbbells.

But any kind of flexing and twisting, will do.

Workout five to seen days a week, until you feel that you are going home too early.

At which point double your duration, from 30 minutes to one hour.

It may take a while, maybe a year, but then you will be able to slap on another hour.

And when you get used to that, the third non-stop hour.

If you are not large, you probably won't need the third hour.

Make sure you avoid sugar, and eat different or mixed things.

The result will be athletic body, improved range of motion.

Extended lifespan, as much as as extra 50 years.

You will be able to jog long distances, without getting tired.

And write strange little poems on the internet, about how to do it.

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