Growing Strong; Or, Humanity And Self Education
Growing Strong; Or, Humanity And Self Education

Wednesday • May 31st 2023 • 11:21:22 pm

Growing Strong; Or, Humanity And Self Education

Wednesday • May 31st 2023 • 11:21:22 pm

We have been advancing at a slow steady pace, and each step forward was made possible by great beings.

Ordinary humans, that simply, took to growing all the way up.

In their search for knowledge they discovered wisdom, first by inheritance and soon after by subtle analogies and synthesis.

Once wisdom blooms, we develop a sense of direction towards greatness.

Greatness has its roots in pursuits of our personal curiosities, therefore, it becomes as unique as we are.

The human greatness, is just another force of nature.

The words “growing up”, paint such a perfect picture.

it takes very little to figure out that we can’t grow up part way, that we have to grow all the way up.

Even less, to paint a distinction, between growing older and growing up.

Growing older, aging and maturing happens automatically, we don’t have to day anything.

But growing up, is something else, it is something strange.

Something that the universe that can emerge life, by infinite number of accidents or permutations of physics and chemistry.

Growing up, is not a biological process, not exactly neurological, it is psychological, intellectual.

It emerges above life, and not all life, growing up is a rare talent.

Only great apes developed it, today only one branch of the tree of life can rise to greatness.

Where there is such miracle, there is always, a catch.

Ours is that we accept, whatever we are born into, as the ultimate truth.

This flaw has been exploited, since the beginning, tribes had rituals to eliminate those who stand out.

Ancient cultures made their systems, unchangeable.

The Ancient Greeks sentenced Socrates to death, for teaching how to think, judge, and evaluate.

Cults proclaimed their books, as a inflatable words of creators of universes.

And twisted stories of countless many who tried to rise, into mangled incomprehensible fairy tales of obedience.

And even your own children today, may think that memorization, is education, and in institutions - that trick us all out of meaningful and effective education.

Students often ignore how fraudulent and arbitrary grades are, in what is at best, a fantasy of education…

And still tend to believe, their GPA defines them.

Those who take advantage of our trust, our genetic predisposition to believe in the world we are born into.

Know very well, that as long as things are framed by the same mediocrity, the many ghouls, pretenders and parasites will flourish.

To grow healthy and strong, we must each accept the responsibility for our own self education…

This has never been easier, never more beautiful, because all it takes is a backpack, a series of great little adventures.

And hundreds, and later thousands, of well narrated books written by great authors, about lives lived well.

If you just relax, and just stop doing what everyone-everywhere, is expecting you to do.

And find a beautiful book to start with, perhaps Giants of Philosophy as read by Charlton Heston.

Maybe A Short History of Nearly Everything, or A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson, or Demon Haunted World, by Carl Sagan.

And just sit, or work out, or walk in the woods, and simply listen, and re-listen, and countless times until you grasp it all.

You will not only begin your self education, not only make leaps and bounds in growing all the way up as you begin inheriting wisdom.

But you will also begin entering the culture of Great Beings, and here, free of constraints and presuppositions...

You will find all the answers, and see all the futures, and slowly discover your personal heights.

Humanity can only advance in proportion to those, who are making their way up.

As more and more remember that to grow up, is to grow all the way up…

Humanity’s pace forward, will hasten, and eventually do the younger generations, justice.