That Meandering Kitten
That Meandering Kitten

Sunday • February 11th 2024 • 11:29:59 pm

That Meandering Kitten

Sunday • February 11th 2024 • 11:29:59 pm

I had my first solo hiking adventures, when I was really little.

There is nothing to it, you need a bottle of sweet cherry juice.

A couple of cold pierogies, some Almond Joy candy from America.

And maybe some xmass tree candy canes, if you know where they keep them.

And cutlery, of course,

You will need a range of knives, but no more than fifteen.

You need folding knives, hunter knives, butterfly knives,

A curiously non stably switchblade, as it folds when you try to stick yourself.

And some weird knives, and a couple of broken ones.

You will need binoculars, and a looking glass, as you always need a closer look.

And a camera, but remember to develop the film.

And be quick about it, I just remembered right now.

And it has been like 30 years, so all my blurry bunny and deer shots are probably lost.

While I don't know if we had ticks, probably not, but maybe.

You also want to make sure, that the bottom of your pant leg is closed.

I used a shoelace once, and frankly, looked awesome.

And then you walk, and you keep taking turns away from civilization.

Some hours later, you will no doubt find a clearing.

Or some fancy hill if you a re lucky, as then you'll be able to see how war you walked.

I had a hill, that seemed like a mountain to me, it wasn't a very tall hill, maybe it was like a bump.

But listen to this, the entire walk to an fro my hill was 9,000 feet.

And Mt. Everest is some 29,000 feet, though I admit, I did not have to climb.

I just walked forward... it is still a lot, for a little boy.

Especially weighted down, with all those knives.

And that incredibly heavy glass bottle of juice.

I continued walking, as I grew older, I discovered WW2 bunkers by a bridge.

And that there was a gnarly shortcut, to a local swimming spot.

Then I had interesting adventures, exploring New York.

Nothing too fancy, but let me just say, Lady Liberty and I, are not strangers.

Once I got to Michigan, I discovered a strange little road by a highway.

That later turned out to be, the supremely fancy i275 Bicycle Trail.

But before I got into bicycling, I discovered Nordhouse Dunes by the Ludington State Part.

I'll never forget laying in a cheap oversized tent, in the middle of a massive thunder storm.

Wandering, if the tent poles, conduct electricity, and why make a tent like this?

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