What Is Real Education?
What Is Real Education?

Sunday • June 18th 2023 • 10:58:00 pm

What Is Real Education?

Sunday • June 18th 2023 • 10:58:00 pm

Real education, is results.

Un-standardized, curiosity driven, fascinating, self directed, unfolding in a unique sequence, and at a perfect pace.

It is the opposite of standardized education, here nothing is cut up or divided, real education is about integrating knowledge, and never ever, memorizing.

It is like an upgrade to our mind, out thoughts, and our view of the world, and due to integration, it instantly grant us new capabilities.

You don’t ever wait, for things to make sense, or dots to connect, because you never waste time on hopping around out of sequence.

There is no need for tests, or grades, just a familiar road forward, where each step marks new progress, ideas and discoveries.

Here each new step is always intricately connected to your existing knowledge, it is always about precious keepsakes and a dose of self betterment.

It always outlined by a cluttered desk, or laboratory, or journals and thoughts, and all of the items without are bound to the learner’s soul.

The traces of their curiosities scattered throughout, are old stepping stones, and foundations to their best ideas and curiosities.

The journals are readable, but often leave out the best parts, are those are in the person’s mind, and there is never time to write them down.

Real education, grows from within, it is an uninterrupted train of thoughts, an undivided attention, decorated with tiny colorful achievements.

The road forward is as unique as the student’s deepest integrities, it is one of the major expressions of their personality.

It is a peaceful path, serene and healing, brilliant and sacred.

Aside from pursuits of curiosities, of which there are as many, as all the interesting thoughts added together.

There is a yearning, for inheriting the best of knowledge, and wisdom, from the lives of great beings who made lasting and positive contributions.

Those are the great beings, that form out greater family, from warriors and pre-Socratics to contemporary thinkers.

There is an awareness, that if we begin at zero, we can only reach the heights that were already had before.

With the aid of books, or narrated books, we allow ourselves to resume where the great thinkers left off.

Real education is an upwards slope, that represents our growing up.

And our intellectual inheritance, reminds us, to grow all the way up.

Until we too, reach our greatest heights.