Don’t Let Silly Challenges Of Hiking And Camping Scare You Away From Greatness
Don’t Let Silly Challenges Of Hiking And Camping Scare You Away From Greatness

Tuesday • March 19th 2024 • 11:45:33 pm

Don’t Let Silly Challenges Of Hiking And Camping Scare You Away From Greatness

Tuesday • March 19th 2024 • 11:45:33 pm

All great adventures, start with little ones first.

You start camping by setting up a tent in your back yard, if you don’t have a yard, try your room or the living room.

You can play nature sounds, and from withing the tent it will feel like a safari.

And absolutely the worst thing about camping, is the bathroom situation.

But the truth is, clean people don’t go in the woods, and they bring a second tent, and call it the bath tent.

The limit is in only what you can carry, and you can make several trips.

You can get like an eight person tent, where you fit, a boom box, a little solar fan.

And if you are by a lake, you can bring one of those inflatable pools.

And they even make showers that have a black bag, so that in the evening you have warm water.

And toilet shaped things, so that you butt won’t even know you are deep in the woods.

People are going to think, that you are just camping with someone.

Just you know, don’t setup a second tent, is you are still camping in your living room.

Second tent is Sophisticated, as heck.

Now you can go in the woods, like no tomorrow.

And eventually, honey badger don’t care, your biggest concern will become trail cams.

It is power to ya, if you can gross out some hillbillies.

If you wear a horse mask, they will never find out who traumatized the village.

So with that out of the way, what else troubles you?

Bears, they will be able to smell your bathroom tent, 10 to 30 miles away down wind.

They will not come to investigate, smell is the real universal language.

I do admit that thunder is a problem, but that is why you should always setup for the worst conditions, even if it is sunny.

Find a nice and sturdy place that survived a million thunders, make sure it does not flood, and thunder goes even faster than it comes.

And ear plugs and audio books help, and books are meant for bad weather, they feel better, and clearer.

All jokes aside, there is only one, perfectly valid question: WHY? WHY DO THIS?

Because the city is not your home, your house is not your home.

And if it needs to be said, your job is certainly not your home.

These are places that constrict your mind, and that prevents you from growing up.

It prevents you from growing up into the person, everyone hopes you become.

And I know you want me to be more precise, you want to know what can sitting around a fire do for you.

It will help you hear books written by great beings, without stress an noise you can listen to what others are saying.

You can grow, by inheriting many lifetimes of knowledge, that absolutely requires the room you get sitting by a fire.

I recommend borrowing narrated adventure books, from your library.

But Science popularizers, and philosophers, and all the true intellectual world leaders, are a good start.

When you are out there camping, free time switches your mind to “receiving”.

When you are overworked, your minds is in a “blocking mode”.

Before you focus on heroism and responsibilities, you must become responsible to yourself first.

All you have to do is visualize the difference in your older self, between learning from thousands of books, and ignoring them completely.

Inheriting lifetimes of wisdom from lives lived well, will bring you into the culture of knowledge, wisdom, and greatness.

Your greatest responsibility in your youth, is learning to grow all the way up, so that the older you can become a great being.

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