Half Way Up Mount Katahdin; Or, Use Your Superpower Of Endurance
Half Way Up Mount Katahdin; Or, Use Your Superpower Of Endurance

Friday • August 25th 2023 • 11:29:05 pm

Half Way Up Mount Katahdin; Or, Use Your Superpower Of Endurance

Friday • August 25th 2023 • 11:29:05 pm

When you go out for a jog the first time, and have to stop, and return home…

You only trick yourself, into thinking that this was a failure.

Your first, jog, shuffle, or walk, is an important measurement.

The baseline, from which your body, will begin extending it self.

If you are moving fast, resting a few minutes, and then resuming your jog a few times is best.

But you have to write down those times, and make that your initial workout…

For a month, or so.

Then you will need to, trim the rest time a tittle bit, and extend the shuffle or jog duration.

You keep doing that, until you don’t have to stop.

You are an animal, finely tuned by four billion years of evolution.

You are also the result of ages of selective breeding, that give you predispositions of a strong and brave warrior.

I recommend walking, especially if you are large.

Or worst yet, surrounded by a concrete jungle.

Go for a walk in the woods, walk a good part of an animal trail.

And compare that softness, to the heartless madness of concrete.

Jogging on concrete, is not very wise.

That is why many people use those machines at t gym, they are much softer.

The other reason is weather, while gyms are hot in winter, and hotter in summer...

Running in bad weather is tough, and it will mess with your routine.

Walking is an art, you get rid of your car, and all the shortcuts, and just use your feet.

If you are large, you will develop powerful muscles, that will make jogging ridiculously easy.

I recommend, training for Appalachian Trail, where you have to be prepared walk 20 miles a day.

Find a way to train your feet, and then go on longer and longer walks on weekends.

Until your endurance increases to 20 miles a day, and begin section hiking…

Aim to eventually walk the the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trails.

(Do not forget to bring backup satellite communicators and water filers, as one will run out of power, and the other will freeze and break.)

Walking, Shuffling, or Jogging, is as important to us, as good nutrition.

The only thing we evolved for driving, sitting in chairs and couches, is deadly blood clots, and heart problems.

And there is more to walking, than becoming healthy and young again.

Section hiking great trails and walking state parks, is a matter of family legacy as well.

Children remember the lessons from the trails the most, including the lessons they inherit from powerful narrated books, that the trails make room for.

The trails will always call to them, especially when stress and overwork becomes too much.

The trails will always offer a return to nature, for a reset, for more wisdom, and for bringing faded memories back to life.

A word of caution; the trails are just, and the trails are wise.

Never force or bait anyone onto the trails, or any adventure, especially young people.

Deep down, all young people know, they need to walk the great trails to get a great understanding of life.

If you have kept or earned their friendship, it is the young people, who will ask you to come along.

Otherwise, you make your own great adventure.

Remember, the trails are just, and they are wise, bring your narrated books along…

And you’ll find what you need, half way up Mount Katahdin.