There Are Too Many Problems Outside Of Self Education
There Are Too Many Problems Outside Of Self Education

Tuesday • September 12th 2023 • 11:20:55 pm

There Are Too Many Problems Outside Of Self Education

Tuesday • September 12th 2023 • 11:20:55 pm

Both self education, and World's great respect for it, is a form of indoctrination prevention.

And indoctrination is our biggest problem early on, as it always stands for somebody else installing ideas in our mind.

The only ideas we need to concern ourselves with, revolve around growing all the way up until we become great beings.

For example, saving for college, and taking out loans for university, letting overwork and stress destroy your family and life.

Is easily prevented, by becoming a great being, taking to self education, becoming a software developer and entrepreneur.

And then watching entire generation of people who rose in a similar way, make universities free….

Self-directed and self-paced education driven by audio, video, visualization, simulation, and computer intelligence from language models on up.

While taking care to focus on intellectual hygiene, where there is plenty of time, to listen to narrated books on the great adventure trails, and no graduation.

Only fake education could come up with something as shortsighted, as graduation, only the student’s path of curiosities and self education matters.

Real education, is life long.

School repair is closely tied to Universal Basic Income, which must be for all human beings - and this is where we ram into indoctrination again.

Indoctrination can turn a person against themselves, so this plastic card that borrows from the improved future of Human Kind.

Must come with a library of books, that can be used for self education, at first, there will need to be a computer that evaluates the progress.

To test, if the communities are ready to improve their futures, or if the card will be used against progress, to cause more harm.

Indoctrination is not part of the Human Condition, like Wisdom, or Growing Up, it is form of mind control, once initialized, it is often unknowingly spread.

There are no criminals just people indoctrinated into a culture of crime, there is no such thing as a drug culture, just victims of indoctrination into drug use.

I mention these, because some of my classmates ended up there, I watched them, turn into people that they were not originally going to become.

I watched my bullies give into snarling red faced violence, and groupthink, they were family, that got broken by stress, threat, stupid, and pain.

A city that fractures poor people and then sends them to prison, is not a city at all, it is a factory.

I personally believe everyone can be un-indoctriatead, or as some rehab professionals may say, re-programmed...

Or more correctly, de-progrmmed, to become the loving and far thinking great beings they were meant to become in the first place.

The problem is, we serve the younger generations, here we can prevent them from becoming indoctrinated in fantasy lifestyles.

Lifestyles, where they are programmed to be other than themselves, other than their most beautiful and wisest version of themselves.

We don’t have time to help these who are already hurt, that is how much work is required to build real schools, and indoctrination prevention programmed.

By the time students are equipped to handle universal income, in ways that help humanity grow.

Those who were already tricked, to act against themselves and their communities, will have long passed.

There is nether future in ineffective education, nor in ineffective politics.

Because all it takes, to begin moving towards real schools, and a permanent end of poverty.

Is the popularization of self education, where students learn to see the many shades of fraud and exploitation they face.

None of them will agree to fake education or overwork, and they will see a life of stress as a mistake.

Humanity, has already begun looking in this direction, with the invention of narrated books, audio courses, computers and internet.

But we are yet to cross the tipping point, between ineffective education made to look real and glorious…

And effective self education, where students understand that to grow up means to grow all the way up, and become independent great beings.