Just Learn On Your Own
Just Learn On Your Own

Saturday • March 23rd 2024 • 11:06:41 pm

Just Learn On Your Own

Saturday • March 23rd 2024 • 11:06:41 pm

The school is broken, but it was made to help you.

Don’t walk out, fix it.

Your teacher is an actor, they are not there to teach.

They don;’t know how to teach, they are here for the paycheck.

They are scared, uneducated, broken.

They will lie, cheat, steal, pretend, manipulate, act.

They are bored out of their minds, and bullies entertain them.

Everything around you, was made with good intentions.

But stands today, as a way to leech money.

They will take every dollar, all your parents savings.

Every dollar you made, every dollar you make.

Force you in to spending money, you don’t have, via loans.

Until you become like they are, ravenous, blind, emotion less.

A lot of the classroom, is fractured already.

Don’t be a hero, until you become a hero to yourself.

The power to fix everything, is in inheriting wisdom from narrated books.

Without that, you can only start at zero.

At zero, it would take multiple lifetimes.

You have to find narrated books, written by clear thinking great beings.

No religion, no politics, no shit, just wisdom, philosophers, intellectuals.

With every book, you inherit large parts of their wisdom.

And as it comes together, you will enter into their culture.

The Culture of Great Beings, your true culture, the real human culture.

Don’t leave, don’t walk out.

Study what is happening, watch them lie, cheat and steal.

Watch them tolerate it, watch them feed, pretend.

It is not just the classroom, the whole world has become like this.

It is an emergent transitional culture, born of poverty, fake education…

And child like minds, trapped in aging bodies.

You and others like you, are the tipping point.

Reject in-authenticity, begin learning for real.

Become an artist, by using a wall projector on a canvas.

Become a musician, by learning how to use the beat sequencer in LMMS.

Become a programmer, by learning Node-RED, p5.js, JavaScript, and node.js.

Start your first company, a school that teaches programming.

Build your first school, Artificial Intelligence Assisted Learning.

Avoid the standard curriculum and tests, they are fake, they are not for learning.

They are only for memorizing, pretending to learn.

Do not engage the bullies, the bullies want you to attack them back.

They want you to lose your humanity, the way it was beaten out of them.

They want to spread hate, they want you to hurt them.

They want you, to seize as a snarling beast.

Stay away from the recruitment office, and avoid the mandatory draft.

The same politicians who sold you as a resource, will push you into war, for profit.

They don’t prevent wars, child, they cultivate them.

To them, war, is the single most profitable thing they can hope for.

The recruitment office, will not make you powerful.

They will not give you a charger, they will not help you see the world.

The men who sold the world, including the teacher before you.

Are the root of war: indoctrination and fake education.

They didn't design it, they are weak, they are just using it, like parasites.

Your grades are fake, they were always fake.

It is not a knowledge or smartness score, it is obedience score.

The lower the better kid, a good grade, will destroy you.

Self education and adventure, is still the best we have.

Unlike Newton, or Cavendish, you have narrated books.

You have it all, you have it so easy.

Get an invisible earpiece, hide an mp3 player.

Read books every day, all the time.

Don’t let them, destroy your curiosities.

Don’t let them, erase your mind.

Your curiosities, are the path to self education.

You can only learn that, which you care about.

School will be interfering, with your real education.

When they see your grades, and that you were learning all along.

They will call you, gifted.

The same pigs who graded you down, will now parade you as a prodigy.

They will say, that your mind is so beautiful…

That it is incompatible with standard education, and that is the reason fo your bad grades.

That is a lie, so is the resulting scholarship.

The standard curriculum, is incompatible with learning.

They will only give you just enough money, for you to graduate, if you memorize.

The scholarship, is a lie.

It is just another lie, just another loop that will drain you of life and sanity.

That will make you age, with out growing up like all the fakers around you.

Like victims of cults and religions, indoctrination, TV, and all the other mind gunk.

Listen to the narrated books, listen to the great beings.

Inherit their wisdom, and their culture.

When you are older, walk the Triple Crown

And as you age, become a Philosopher and grow all the way up.

Until you and the the others, stand as Great Beings.

You are the new leaders now, you are the only hope for Peace and Wisdom.

Go to the library, pirate the books, share with the others, rise.

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