Intellectual Inheritance And Independence
Intellectual Inheritance And Independence

Sunday • July 30th 2023 • 11:24:23 pm

Intellectual Inheritance And Independence

Sunday • July 30th 2023 • 11:24:23 pm

Your Intellectual Inheritance is stored in books, written by clear thinking great beings.

Libraries will help you to narrated books, that you can focus on understanding.

Great beings pen books, that help you understand the world.

In a way that you can extend, that you can grow with.

Understand, that it is never a good idea, to let go of reality in any way.

Not for community, nor for heritage.

A human being, is precious, we each deserve to grow all the way up.

Grandma, of course, wishes well.

But also the liars, wish, you do as she tells you.

So you must grow all the way up, learn for real until you become a great being.

Because fake education, and indoctrination.

Makes a person easier, to manipulate.

Liars will parasitically, hitch a piggy back ride…

On whoever is already, hoping to control.

A warped reality, is a weak grasp on reality.

It can be a spiritual medium, a cult member or leader…

It can be a, homeopath, or a psychic healer…

Who will push a person away, from real treatment and a good chance of recovery.

Those who hold up fantasy, above all else.

Don’t care, about the consequences.

They don’t understand anything, that is what fantasy does.

It make the loveliest person, confused.

May convince them of the end, or, that war is what men do.

It is not just faith healers, that come for the crop.

It is also the military, who needs soldiers for a meat-grinder.

That is how generals lead, they don’t prevent.

They order a sustained inflow of teenage and young people.

They do, eventually realize, what they have done.

Even the toughest of them, will unravel in pain, of the millions lost.

But now, at the cost, of wishing to start a nuclear war.

Because war, is all they know.

I repeat, a firm grasp on reality, is not optional.

Fantasy, makes people vulnerable, to be used as tools of uneducated mad men.

A true heritage, never leads towards carnage.

Call it history, instead, for we need to know every detail of it.

To put a stop of repetition, of avoidable mistakes.

Those who await the end of the world, due to their fantasy life style…

Could just get it, if every one believed what they believe.

A weakened grasp on reality, is a certain recipe for an end, in deed.

Blind uneducated men... can only lead towards nuclear war.

And then whimper, how was I supposed to know.

Soldiers are necessary, but they are best sent to prevent war.

Decades ahead in time, it is still a hell.

But those efforts never fade in time.

What we are to do, is ensure that schools are profound and effective.

Because students, who are educated for real.

Will bring the world together, regardless of what religions may brand them as.

A world that leaves bad ideas behind, and perpetuates only the good ones.

Is a peaceful world, it is a safe world.

In a world that is educated there are no borders, to fight wars over.

Humanity educated for real, is not a lost cause, a utopia, or a fantasy.

It is the opposite, it is the world worthy of all the future generations.